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What up guys,

So I guess I can tell you about my road to becoming a full time web designer. Well it all started when I could not get a job. I kept trying but I never had any luck. Mostly it was the self-defeating thoughts I had. However that’s another story. Now one day while I was reading about how I could make money online, I found this person talking about blogging. How many people try it and fail at it. Well since I was a failure anyways I thought to myself “why not give it a shot if I don’t succeed I won’t be surprised.” I have always had a lot of things that I have been passionate about. One being video games. As sad as it sounds it’s what I love. How immature right? Well so what I did was get a game fly account and started recording myself playing these games.. I would also go to the GameStop and rent a few games and play them through. Recoding every step of the way and making a complete walk through of the game. I would also write it down and take pictures. Giving my expert advice and all. After I did this I started uploading the videos to YouTube and spreading the word about the on every forum I could find. I was getting around twenty thousand of views a month. However when I noticed other people doing the same thing. They all had a website where they would recommend their fans come back to. As of this point I was just uploading my walkthroughs to youtube. I was thinking about all the people I was losing to those sites. People who spent their free time playing the very same games that I was reviewing. So I figured out how to make a website. It was not hard and now I have little knowledge of making websites. I just bought a hosting service and installed WordPress on it. Then I started posting. People were coming in by the thousands, about half of what my youtube videos were getting.  This is when I realized something. These people really trust me and my content. Why not try to make money off them. So I started linking them to websites where they could buy stuff from companies. These companies then gave me a percentage of the sale. Now I make enough to live semi comfortably. I know this may sound farfetched but I really spent 2 years doing this before I made a dime. Anyways at the end of the day I guess it’s if you love something then try to make money off of it.


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