HireFelons.org was created as resource for individuals who are struggling with finding work and making money to support their families after being convicted of a felony.

While many of us know what its like to not have enough food on the table to feed their kids, or how to pay the next rent or phone bill, few people experience the level of stress, anxiety, depression and loss of hope, like those who have been to prison and are not able to get back on their feet.

Having had friends and co-workers who have a felony conviction, Joe Hunter decided to use his expert knowledge in starting a successful business to start HireFelons.org and teach as many former felons as possible how to start earning a decent income, when finding a traditional job is simply NOT an option.

This site is the brainchild of Joe’s 17 years of expertise in starting various highly profitable businesses, coaching clients how to start their own business, think outside the box and find innovative ways make money without relying on a boss for a paycheck.

HireFelons.org is the right resource for you if:

– You continue to be denied from jobs that you are qualified to do simply because you have a felony record
– You have lost hope that any boss will ever give you a chance that you are an honest, hard-working individual
– You are earning minimum wage and its not enough to support your family and pay your bills
– You just got out of prison and you have no idea where or how to start looking for work
– You have skills and interests that you don’t know how to put to good use and make money from
– You are looking for work that will give you flexibility without sacrificing income

Here you will find comprehensive guides and resources on how to not only survive but THRIVE after you get out of prison.

– Tips on getting government assistance with phone bills, medical bills, housing, food stamps
– Guides on getting hired by top companies that accept felons
– Tips on how to start your own successful business and never look back
Best industries for felons to make the most money
Top degrees felons can get to make a 6 figure income
– Guides on starting a freelancing gig and working online
– Resources to get grants and loans to start your own business



You may be surprised to learn that Joe, who makes a 7 figure income, never went to college, in fact he never even graduated high school!

Sound familiar? So if he can do it, you can as well!

Here is the expert knowledge and experience Joe brings to the table to help you get the work you love and the income you deserve:

– Started and heads a successful roofing business
– Started and heads a growing HVAC business
– Created and runs a number of lucrative online websites
– Created and runs a number of popular monetized YouTube Channels


There is life after a felony conviction! GO on and live it to the fullest!

Please reach out with any comments, questions or suggests you may have.