Jobs For Sex Offenders In 2024


Even after a sex offender completes their prison sentence, they still have to face the consequences of what they’ve done.

One of the greatest challenges for ex-offenders after incarceration is finding a job, which especially applies to sex offenders.

Fortunately, some companies are willing to offer employment for sex offenders.

Can Sex Offenders Get Jobs?

If a person commits a sex crime (such as sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, child sexual abuse, etc.), their conviction stays with them for the rest of their lives.

What’s more, if a sex offender commits one of the criminal offenses listed above, they are added to the sex offender registry, which is compiled on a federal and state level.

Did you know? The U.S. sex offender registry is publicly accessible, which means that anyone can run a background check on someone and find their criminal history.

Not only are sex offenders who plead or are found guilty of violating sex-related offenses included on the registry, but those who have served their criminal sentences as well.

Due to the seriousness of the offense, most sex crimes are considered felonies. Convicted felons, whether or not they’ve completed their sentence, face challenges when looking for employment.

Anyone with a criminal record has much less chance of getting hired, and sex offenders are the first to be crossed off the list. As mentioned, sex-related crimes usually remain on someone’s criminal record forever, so a hiring company would only need to run a simple background check to find out the truth about someone’s criminal history.

However, it has been proven that ex-offenders are much less likely to re-offend if they are allowed back into society. And one of the best ways to rejoin their community is by finding work.

Fortunately, there are companies that don’t discriminate against former felons during the hiring process.

Moreover, some states prohibit using sex offender registries in the process of employing someone new.

Even though it may be a difficult process, a sex offender can get a job.

Top Jobs For Sex Offenders

There are certain industries that are more likely to hire sex offenders than others, so it’s important to know where to look for employment.

Some of the industries and places sex offenders can find employment include the following:

Trucking and automotive companies
-Warehouses and factories
-Construction sites
-Animal shelters
-Restaurant chains
-Jobs related to livestock

Another option ex-offenders have is to turn to companies that help people with criminal records find employment.

Whether or not a person is able to find a job as a convicted sex offender depends on the circumstances of their conviction.

For instance, some sex offenses, like child sex trafficking, child pornography, and sexual assault on minors, fall under federal jurisdiction.

But there are some offenses that are only considered sex crimes in certain states, like unlawful imprisonment of a minor, public urination, or having intercourse on the beach.

Naturally, the more serious the sex offense, the less likely the offender is to find employment without any hindrance. But it’s not impossible.

Another factor that can influence an employer’s decision to hire a sex offender is the time factor involved. If the sex crime was committed more than 10 years ago, the employers might be less likely to turn the candidate down.

The best course of action is to disclose this type of information upfront. The worst thing you can do is withhold the truth because the employer will find out sooner or later.

After all, almost every employee will run a background check on all the candidates during the recruiting process.

Did you know? A sex offender won’t be able to find a job that’s related to childcare or healthcare. Most state laws prohibit registered sex offenders from working with minors.

Furthermore, sex offenders lose their rights to many things once they leave prison. For instance, sex offenders aren’t allowed to go into child safety zones and other public places frequented by children.

These can be schools, kindergartens, parks, youth centers, daycare centers, clubs, athletics venues, nursing homes, etc.

Sex offenders are usually prohibited from going within 500 feet from these locations.

Companies That Hire Sex Offenders

Here are some companies that have a history of hiring ex-offenders.


As one of the largest fast-food chains, McDonald’s has over 2 million employees worldwide. McDonald’s has been known to hire ex-felons in the past, and they have a non-discriminatory hiring policy.

As an ex-offender, you might be able to find a decent-paying job at this fast-food restaurant. But since McDonald’s is a franchise, the employment policies might vary from state to state.

Home Depot

With over 400,000 employees, Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retail companies in the U.S. Even if they do run background checks on candidates, they won’t discriminate against ex-felons in the hiring process.

They can work as delivery drivers, cashiers, distribution workers, administrative assistants, and even store managers. Home Depot also offers a good salary for felons, which can range from $10 to $16 an hour.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is the world’s largest hardware retail company, with over 5,200 locations in 60 countries.

Even though they don’t have a felon program, they also support the “Ban the Box” law, which prevents employers from discriminating against those with a criminal history during the interview.

Ace Hardware has 17 distribution centers all over the U.S. that may offer employment opportunities to sex offenders.


Not only is Amazon the largest e-commerce company in the world, but it’s also the largest employer in the U.S. The good news is that Amazon is willing to hire ex-felons for temporary jobs. If you do your job well, you might even be given a permanent position.

You can work in manufacturing, sorting centers, delivery stations, pickup points, and order fulfillment centers.

Check our our in depth guide on Amazon Hiring Sex Offenders


Many felons find employment in Walmart after incarceration. Walmart is a “Ban the Box” company, which means they don’t ask questions about convictions during the hiring process.

Not only does Walmart refuse to discriminate against ex-offenders, but they also offer them a decent salary.

Felons can work in Walmart’s warehouses, where they have simple jobs like stocking and supply management.


Google is another global company that offers employment opportunities for ex-offenders. Thanks to Google’s non-discriminatory policy against felons, ex-sex offenders are more likely to find work here and get the chance to start over.

Not only is Google open to hiring ex-offenders, but it also offers excellent employee benefits.

Finding Work as a Sex Offender

When they complete their prison sentence, ex-felons struggle to find work. This is especially true of sex offenders, who are rarely welcomed back into society.

However, there are many industries and felon-friendly companies that offer employment to sex offenders. Finding work is one of the best ways for ex-offenders to get a second chance.

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