Does McDonalds Hire Felons In 2024?


If you have a felony conviction and are looking for a job, McDonald’s may be one of the first places you should apply with.

According to Statista, McDonald’s is a felon – friendly company, that employed approximately 200,000 workers in their locations around the world at the end of 2021. This figure makes the company one of the largest employers on the planet.

The good news is that you may have a better chance of being hired with a felony by McDonald’s than you do with many other companies.

Lets take a closer look at McDonald’s hiring practices related to different types of felonies, in addition to answering some common questions.

What Jobs Can Felons Get at McDonald’s?

Though McDonald’s has a limited number of office jobs available, the majority of positions you’ll find available are as a crew member at one of the franchise’s restaurants.

However, if you have experience working in a supervisory capacity in the hospitality industry, you may be able to apply for a similar position at McDonald’s. But most felons will find it much easier to apply to be a crew member before working their way up.

A crew member is an entry-level position at a McDonald’s restaurant. If you’re successful in your application, you’ll receive full training to serve in the position, in addition to special training for any specific duties you’re given.

Did you know? A McDonald’s crew member has several responsibilities. These include food preparation, taking orders, customer service, and maintaining restaurant cleanliness standards.

The one major drawback to this role is that crew members earn a fairly low income. Job website Indeed pulled salary information from over 11,500 data points to discover that the average salary for a McDonald’s crew member is currently $12.34.

This salary varies depending on the state in which you work. For example, crew members in New York can expect to receive $16 per hour. However, McDonald’s restaurants in other states pay an hourly wage closer to $10.

Nevertheless, a job at McDonald’s can start you on the path to something better. If you stay with the company and work up to the supervisor level, you may be able to earn an average salary of around $53,000.

What Types of Felons Does McDonald’s Hire?

Though McDonald’s isn’t yet a member of the Ban the Box movement (aimed at removing requests for information about arrests or convictions from job applications), it is a member of the Second Chance Business Coalition (SCBC).

The SCBC supports giving second chances to those with criminal records by encouraging businesses to remove any barriers that may prevent an ex-offender from finding a job.

As a member of this group, McDonald’s hires most types of felons. However, the ease with which you’ll get a job at the restaurant varies depending on the felonies you have on your record.


McDonald’s is inconsistent when it comes to those with theft convictions. One location may reject your application, especially if you have a recent conviction, while another may accept it.

As a general rule, the older your conviction is, the better chance you have of getting employed. If your theft conviction is more than five years in the past, you should be able to get work as a McDonald’s crew member.

However, it’s important to note that McDonald’s restaurants are franchises, meaning each can vary its hiring policies.

Those with theft convictions often find that managers prefer to give them work in the kitchen rather than allowing them near cash registers.


All employers take violent crimes seriously, meaning an assault conviction drastically reduces your chances of getting a job at McDonald’s.

Remember that hiring managers have to think about the safety of all employees and customers. If you have an assault conviction, you have a proven record of committing violence against other people, which can lead to some managers feeling wary about hiring you.

The time of your conviction plays a significant role here. Applicants who haven’t been in trouble for several years since their conviction stand a better chance of getting hired than those with more recent ones.

If you have strong character references and a track record of previous employment, your chance increase further.

Drug Convictions

McDonald’s attitude to drug-related convictions varies depending on the nature of your offense.
If your felony relates to drug possession, McDonald’s is more likely to hire you if you’ve completed a rehabilitation program.

Hiring managers also look kindlier on possession of lesser drugs, such as marijuana, than they do on hard drugs, like heroin or cocaine.

Note that McDonald’s doesn’t ask candidates to undergo drug screening tests as part of its hiring process. However, the restaurant may ask you to take a drug test if you show visible signs of intoxication.

Those with a conviction related to drug dealing may find it more difficult to get a job at McDonald’s.

Restaurant owners are far warier of this offense because drug dealing often ties into gangs and organized crime.

Sexual Offenses

Those with sexual offenses on their records are far less likely to get hired, especially if they must sign the sex offender’s register.

Hiring managers have to think about the safety of their staff, as well as the restaurant’s reputation. Furthermore, children regularly eat at McDonald’s, which makes working at the restaurant impossible for those who have court orders to stay away from children.

Still, McDonald’s restaurants are franchises, which means each has its own hiring policies and background checks. If you’re not required to sign a register, you may have a chance of getting a job at McDonald’s.

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Quick Tips For Getting Hired at McDonald’s

If you’re interested in working at McDonald’s, you need to do some preparation before applying. Here are some quick tips to improve your chances:

-Highlight any experience you have in the service or hospitality industries.
-Format your digital resume so it looks good when printed on paper.
-Research the specific restaurant and come prepared with questions.
-Dress in business-casual attire for your interview.
-Be prepared to answer questions about any work history you highlight on your resume.

Did you know? Simple grooming practices can help you make a great first impression. Trim your nails and hair before your interview to ensure you look the part when you meet the hiring manager.

McDonald’s Offers Job Opportunities to Felons

Though hiring practices at McDonald’s differ depending on the restaurant, the company is generally felon-friendly when it comes to its hiring practices.

As a member of the SCBC, the company also commits to helping ex-offenders by offering a second chance to those who are willing to work.

As somebody with a felony on their record, demonstrating your ability and desire to work is crucial when applying for a job at McDonald’s. You may have to start in an entry-level position.

However, you can use this starting point as an opportunity to prove yourself and move up the ladder.

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