What Jobs Don’t Do Background Checks In 2024?

Many companies do background checks on their prospective employees before welcoming them to the team. This can represent a problem for people with a criminal history, poor employment history, bad references, etc.

Unfortunately, a minor mistake from one’s past can get them rejected from a lucrative career path.

While background checks were big in the past, the situation has changed in the last few years.

Many companies and individuals are advocating for giving second chances to people, and, as a result, there are numerous jobs that don’t require a background check.

Here’s a list of such jobs and an explanation of what a background check usually includes.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is a process performed by a company that establishes whether an individual is who they claim to be and if they’re suitable for the job.

It’s important to note that not all employers look for the same things in a background check. The scope of a background check depends on the employer, federal and state laws, and the specific industry.

For example, if a person has several DUI offenses and is trying to get a job as a driver, it will certainly raise some red flags for the employer.

Why? Because the employer sees a potential liability. Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t get the job, but they should at least be prepared to answer questions regarding the incidents.

Although we often hear the term that someone failed a background check, this isn’t exactly the case. It’s more precise that the candidate doesn’t match the employer’s hiring standards due to something from their past.

Employers usually check an individual’s criminal history, drug and alcohol tests, credit history, education, driving records, and employment history.

As a job seeker, you have the right to refuse a background check, but keep in mind that this may affect your prospects of getting the job.

Did you know? All employers have to receive written consent from you before they run a background check. If anything in the report makes an employer decide against hiring you, they should inform you about it and issue a copy of the report.

List Of Jobs That Don’t Do Background Checks

Here’s a list of jobs that usually don’t require background checks:


Although acting isn’t an easy field to get into, it’s worth checking out. Most studios, theaters, and agents that hire actors don’t do background checks on prospective candidates. Try auditioning for plays, commercials, or movies, and you may get hired.


Carpenters build and repair wooden structures or their parts. They typically make cabinets, dressers, storage chests, wardrobes, etc.

Most construction companies that hire carpenters don’t care about their background, as long as the potential employees are hardworking and dedicated.

Keep in mind that if you’re a beginner, you probably won’t make much money from the start, but this will change as you get better. Of course, if you have experience, you can work independently and set your own rules.

Pet Care Specialist

Pet care specialists work in animal sanctuaries, rescues, kennels, or veterinary clinics. These people observe animals and check for signs of discomfort or disease, assist in providing food and water to the animals, and clean their suites. Moreover, pet care specialists monitor the animals during group activities and ensure their safety.

This is one of the jobs that usually doesn’t require a background check. Employers will look for traits like a passion for animals, patience, persistence, and empathy, but most don’t care about one’s past.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are a link between a company and its customers. They communicate with customers and handle complaints, answer questions, process orders, and provide information about the company’s products or services.

Customer service representatives exist in virtually every industry. Some jobs require employees to work from the office, while others are remote.

In most cases, companies won’t conduct background checks when filling out a customer service representative position.

Social Media Influencer

Since most social media influencers are self-employed, this position doesn’t require a background check.

Social media influencers are people who have built their reputations due to their expertise or knowledge of a particular topic or social influence. Becoming a social media influencer isn’t easy, but it certainly pays off in the end.

Retail Specialist

Retail specialists, sales associates, or salespersons assist customers in finding the product they’re looking for and provide information about it.

These people can often demonstrate the product’s features, process orders, accept payment, bag purchases, collect customer data, handle coupons, etc.

The exact duties of a retail specialist depend on the company and work organization. Most companies looking for retail specialists don’t perform background checks on potential employees.

Did you know? The average base pay for retail specialists is around $37,000, but they can make an additional $24,000 in bonuses, commission, and profit sharing.


Waiters and waitresses are essential to every coffee shop, restaurant, and bar. These people welcome guests, take their orders, bring drinks to the table, process payment, handle credit cards and cash, and offer food and drink recommendations.

There’s often a shortage of waiters and hospitality staff in general, and when employers post a job ad, they’re eager to hire someone as soon as possible.

This is a good thing because most employers don’t do background checks. They will appreciate some experience in hospitality, great communication skills, and patience.

Truck Driver

Most transportation companies only care about the driving record when hiring truck drivers. If you have numerous traffic violations or tickets, the employer may be hesitant to hire you, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get the job.

Usually, companies won’t check criminal records, employment history, and education.


Roofers, or roofing contractors, inspect, install, or replace roofs on residential and commercial buildings.

They also conduct regular maintenance to ensure roofs are in great condition. Roofing companies typically don’t conduct background checks when hiring roofers, but they do require a certain level of skill, depending on the position.


Transcriptionists listen to recordings and convert what they hear into written format. For this job, you’ll need to type fast with minimal mistakes, have good grammar and spelling, excellent focus, and strong time management.

Companies that hire transcriptionists usually don’t do background checks as they’re mainly interested in the person’s language and computer skills.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks enter information into different systems and databases, write reports, and create documents. This position requires excellent attention to detail, multitasking skills, and a high degree of accuracy. Most data entry clerk positions don’t require background checks.

Pool Installation Expert

As a pool installation expert, you may help clients choose the right location for their pool, the best type of pool, dig a hole, and build the structure.

Pool installation experts usually work in teams, and the position requires attention to detail, organization, and familiarity with different tools. Pool service companies typically won’t do background checks on their potential employees.

IT Support Specialist

IT support specialists help businesses with setting up a product, troubleshooting problems, installing systems, etc. These individuals have vast technical knowledge and attention to detail.

Sometimes, IT support specialists work with external clients and help them get the most out of a product or service they purchased.

Becoming an IT support specialist usually doesn’t require passing a background check.

Administrative Coordinator

Administrative coordinators create schedules, manage budgets, communicate with employees, keep the relevant records organized, assist clients, etc.

The position requires great attention to detail, excellent communication and organization skills, and good time management. In most cases, you won’t have to agree to a background check during the hiring process.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators, often called event specialists, are in charge of organizing different events from scratch. This usually means working with caterers, organizing client meetings, handling decorations, determining costs, and organizing cleanup.

As you can assume, excellent organizational skills are essential for this job. Most agencies that hire event coordinators don’t do background checks.

Traffic Control Flagger

Traffic control flaggers inform drivers about detours and guide them in the right direction, answer drivers’ questions, place signs and barricades, etc. This position usually doesn’t require passing a background check.


Proofreaders check the written content for spelling, punctuation, formatting, and grammar errors. They need excellent language skills, great attention to detail, and good time management.

While employers may not conduct a background check when hiring proofreaders, they typically require certain education or experience.

Content Writer

Content writers write engaging, interesting, and accurate articles for different clients. They usually work on a wide range of subjects and need to have great research, time management, and organizational skills.

In some cases, content writers specialize in a particular field they know a lot about. Becoming a content writer doesn’t require a background check.

Digital Marketing Specialist

The main duty of digital marketing specialists is to create marketing campaigns to promote a brand.

Other duties can involve writing content and ads, researching demographic data, communicating with different teams, etc.

Digital marketing specialists need to know their way around computers and keep up with the latest industry trends.

Did you know? Background checks are a legal requirement for some jobs. Anyone who works in government, healthcare, or education needs to pass a background check.

Background Checks Aren’t Mandatory For Every Job

Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to find an excellent job without a background check. Keep in mind that it’s still up to the company to choose whether or not it requires a background check. Plus, state and federal laws dictate the scope and necessity of these processes.

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