Does UPS Hire Felons?

UPS Jobs for FelonsEveryday we get tons of inquiries whether someone with a felony conviction has a chance of working for UPS.

Our research indicates that indeed, United Postal Service has a history of employing felons.

Usually, it would be an entry level job as a delivery driver assistant, package handler or seasonal work.

In fact, UPS hires around 90,000 seasonal package handlers and drivers during holiday seasons. This can be your prime opportunity to land a job.

Another option worth considering is working at a UPS warehouse; its very labor intensive, so people don’t stay for a long time. As a result, new workers are always needed, and the pay is ok $12 per hour. A felon has a better chance of getting this type of work, compared to other jobs that require you to deal with clients.

An additional nice perk of working for UPS is that the company has a great tuition repayment plan, which may be very helpful if you are considering getting a college degree or professional training. Moreover, UPS prefers to promote workers from within the company. This means that once you get your foot in the door (even as a seasonal employee), and you work hard, there is a very strong chance you will get a permanent position with benefits or a promotion. If you work for UPS part time for one year, you start getting benefits (very high quality health and dental insurance).

Its important to note, that the percentage of felons that actually get a job offer after applying is very small, under 10%. However, the company reviews each case individually, which means you should still apply!!!

UPS policy regarding felons who seek employment

Hiring managers at UPS indicate that the company doesn’t discriminate against applicants with a criminal record. They review each case and make their decision based on a combination of factors:

1. What was the felony and the circumstances surrounding it?
2. How long ago was it?
3. Is there more than one felony conviction?
4. Your personality, skills and training and whether they would be a good match for the position
5. The position you are applying for. As mentioned before warehouse or seasonal work would be your best shot.
6. Where you honest about your conviction and willing to share details?

Particular felonies that may disqualify you from employment or severely decrease your chance are:

1. Violent crimes
2. Drug trafficking
3. Theft

There have been cases of felons receiving a verbal job offer after the interview, but being called back and denied the job, based on previous criminal record, even if it was more than 7 years ago. If this happens to you, don’t get discouraged! Felons who have persistence and just keep applying for job openings, eventually see success.

Application and hiring process

Here is what the hiring process at UPS looks like:

1. Apply online. At this stage you will be asked about basic identity information and criminal history. Its essential to answer everything truthfully!

2. If you are called back, you will will go to a group interview/orientation. Here, a hiring manager will discuss the details of the job, company policies and ask some questions. This is another time to be honest about your criminal record.

3. Next, UPS will do a very thorough criminal background check, and a drug test. It may take 7-10 days for the background check to come back, so you need to be patient at this stage in the process.

4. If you seem to be a good fit so far, they will call you for a personal interview.

5. At the interview, once again honesty is the best policy. You should stress that you have changed, and want to re-enter society as a hard working, law abiding citizen. Talk about your good work ethic and personal qualities that would make you a good employee.

One Felon’s Success Story

Working for UPS as a felon

One of our readers has sent us a story about how he was able to get a job at UPS:

“Well I ended up applying for a UPS position over the internet. I have a grand theft felony so I thought this would hurt me, but it did not. I was given a very labor intensive position. This part time position was what I needed and after a year I will have full time benefits. The environment is great and is very conducive to personal growth. They know all about my felony so this will never be an issue in the future. I am pretty happy about all of this. I hope this helps someone.”

So, definitely apply, and hope for the best!

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