Does Boeing Hire Felons In 2024?


If you have a felony conviction and are looking for work, consider getting a job with Boeing, as the company is known to be a felon-friendly employer.

For felons, the number one priority after release is to find a job and start their reintegration into society. While landing a job may seem daunting, it is not impossible.

As a felon, it may seem like an uphill task to even land an interview, but some companies are open to hiring people with a record.

If you are honest about your record and time since release, they might look favorably at the application. Of course, it’s helpful to know which companies have positive policies when it comes to recruiting felons.

Let’s take a look at one of the biggest companies in the world and their hiring policy when it comes to ex-offenders- Boeing.

Can A Felon Work At Boeing?

Boeing mainly recruits for its four main units: commercial airplanes, defense, space and security, and Boeing global services.

Besides these, its Boeing Capital Corporation arm provides financing solutions globally. The company is into designing, manufacturing, and selling aircraft like airplanes and helicopters, rockets, missiles, rotorcrafts, and satellites.

In addition to this, it also provides its customers servicing for commercial airplanes. The company boasts a diverse workforce and employs over 140,000 people across its offices.

Boeing offers jobs in manufacturing, engineering, IT, cybersecurity, data analysis, business, finance, supply chain, customer service, etc. to name a few.

While Boeing is the world’s 2nd largest defense contractor and offers Government services at all levels, landing a job in one of these departments may be tough for felons.

Boeing Salary and Benefits

One of the leading global companies in the aviation sector, Boeing offers competitive salaries for different positions. Here are some approximate salaries offered for entry-level positions in different departments:

Administrative Assistance (per year):
Data entry clerk, $57,000
Computer Operator, $81,286
Administrative assistant, 37,710
Administrator, $80,691
Billing specialist, $53,000
Customer service:
Customer Relations Representative, $72,726/ year
Customer Service Representative, $16.29/hr
Customer specialist, $55,000/ year
Entry level customer support representative, $67,000/ year

Driving (per year):
Courier, $48,658
Delivery driver, $50,000
Truck driver, $83,000

Logistic support (per year):
Logistic specialist, $76,460
Logistic coordinator, $56,859
Planner: $83,946

Loading and Stocking (per year):
Forklift operator, $75,000
Shipping and receiving clerk, $73,000
Warehouse worker, $50,439

Installation and Maintenance (per year):
Electrician, $69,340
Entry level technician, $70,514

IT Operations (per year):
Computer specialist, $90,000
Entry level technical support, $37,000
IT technician, $81,625

Production and manufacturing (per year):
Entry level Assembler, $65,665
Fabricator, $69,168
Entry level machine operator, $89,586

Cashier, $12.97/ hour
Retail sales associate, $41,161/ year
Logistic associate, $73,974/ year

Sales (per year):
Sales associate, $48,436
Sales representative, $102,685
Purchasing agent, $62,626

Benefits offered:

Boeing also offers a range of employee benefits like insurance, leaves, bonuses, college tuition, reimbursements, and work flexibility.

The insurance coverage includes dental, disability, and vision. Parental leave is also offered along with the regular paid time off.

Employees can opt for flexible schedules and work from home. The company also offers several bonuses like signing bonuses, performance bonuses, stock options, yearly bonuses, and employee discounts to name a few.

Stock options and tuition reimbursements are also offered to selected employees. Besides these, they also have mentoring programs and an excellent 401k plan.

Boeing Hiring Policy

Being one of the biggest aviation companies in the world, Boeing generates lots of employment opportunities.

Also, since it deals with aircraft and sensitive and confidential information, safety is of utmost importance at the workplace. This, of course leads to the question, does Boeing hire felons?

The company’s official position on the subject is yes, they do provide felons with an opportunity to apply and get hired. As per the company, Boeing is an equal opportunity employer.

So an applicant with a felony charge in the past can apply for available positions on the company website. They are afforded the same opportunity as other applicants.

The question is, will someone with a felony get an offer? This is the company’s statement: Boeing is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, genetic factors, military/veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law.

Some first-hand accounts on the internet suggest the company does hire felons. This depends on certain factors like when the felony occurred.

If the conviction occurred 5 years or more in the past, then you may have a good shot at certain jobs in the company. The type of crime also matters.

Individuals convicted of serious crimes like sexual assault, murder charges, etc. may not be eligible.

Also, a person with a criminal record may not be eligible for certain positions which require thorough and rigorous background checks and have more stringent requirements.

This is especially true of jobs that involve government contracts and the handling of confidential data.

However, most entry-level jobs don’t have very strict requirements and individuals with a criminal record can apply for these.

Generally, the job application can be filled out and submitted like any other applicant would. The background check is when this information is sought so it is important to specify the exact details of the conviction like the charge, when the sentence was completed, etc.

If it was drug-related, felons can share any treatment they underwent to get clean and provide supporting evidence of being clean since.

It is extremely important, to be honest, and completely forthcoming with information related to the felony.

How To Apply

As per Boeing, the only way to apply for jobs at Boeing is via their careers page. You can search for a job based on location and other keywords.

You can also explore the open positions in the 5 main departments: business, cybersecurity, data science and analytics, engineering, information technology, and manufacturing.

You can also use their search feature to enter keywords to look for specific open positions, e.g. searching for entry-level will list all open positions which are entry-level jobs.

Register on the website and create an account. If you find a job you are interested in, fill out the online application form.

You may be required to submit a resume and a cover letter so make sure these are updated and ready for uploading. Answer all questions on the form honestly and completely.

Provide any information related to past work experience. The questions will cover experience, interest, interest in the present job, personal data, etc. Make sure you provide all details and submit.

Depending on the outcome of the application, the candidate may be asked to answer certain online aptitude tests to check for situational judgment, numerical ability, and technical knowledge.

An interview may be scheduled where a panel will ask further questions about your background, skills, etc. It is important to discuss past offenses and come clean.

By doing so, you can explain the entire situation, and provide all the information related to the conviction. Also, recruiters respect honesty, and they will look more favorably when they hear it from you than finding out about the felony during the background check.

There might be more tests, background checks, and drug testing, and after a final interview, a job offer will be made if the applicant meets all requirements.

Background Check At Boeing

Boeing requires all applicants to sign a pre-employment background check consent form. The company uses a registered Consumer Reporting Agency “CRA” that is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act “FCRA.”

The background check focuses on criminal records, education, financial standing, and employment records. Some positions will require even more stringent background checks.

Also, a drug test is administered before an offer is made and applicants must clear this.

What Employees Say About Working At Boeing

The company has an average score of 3.5 on the indeed website. The ratings and reviews are provided by the employees of the company. Here is what some of Boeing’s employees have to say about the company:

A technical recruiter, currently employed at Boeing: “Overall a good place to work. Great total rewards and work-life balance. Lots of opportunities for continued learning and development.”

A former executive administrative assistant: “I would return to work immediately if I ever relocated to Seattle, or anywhere else Boeing is located. Management was a pleasure to work for and I believe most everyone employed at Boeing would agree.”

An ex-office administrator at Boeing: “I’ve worked for the Boeing Company for over 12 years. This company has the best benefits I think I have seen in a long time for a company.

I love the 10 days off at the end of the year with pay. They pay 100% of your tuition and include books and some materials.”

A former assembly mechanic B: “It is a great place to work, great benefits, great pay, lots of overtime if you want it.

Culture change over last handful of years, they say ” We want you to be home with your families on the weekends” but in reality you are mandatory on weekends and lots of 10he shifts.”

While there might not be enough proof to support the claim that Boeing offers felons jobs, their official stance on the matter remains positive.

There is nothing stopping a felon from applying for jobs there. A good resume with a convincing cover letter may just help get your foot inside the door and land an interview, leading to a job offer.

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