Jobs At Lowe’s For Felons (2024 Guide)

Lowe’s is one of the biggest names in the U.S. home improvement industry, and is one of the felon-friendly companies in the US.

Lowe’s employs more than 300,000 workers and is continually adding new stores and new team members. The company often posts thousands of job ads for different positions, ranging from entry to senior level.

Many felons may see these ads and wonder whether Lowe’s hires people with a felony conviction. Let’s review what positions Lowe’s seeks to fill and whether the company is open to hiring felons.

Moreover, we’ll go over the potential wages and the company’s hiring process. At the end, we’ll look at employee reviews of the company.

What Are The Jobs For Felons At Lowe’s?

Since Lowe’s is a company with thousands of employees, it offers a wide range of jobs for felons that can be grouped in these areas:

Seasonal Jobs

Lowe’s offers seasonal jobs suitable for those who need a short, flexible schedule. These seasonal roles can often lead to permanent employment and a successful career for those who wish to pursue that path.

Here are the available positions for seasonal work:

Seasonal retail associate
Seasonal stocker and receiver

Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs

Lowe’s offers numerous part-time and full-time positions that ensure the smooth operation of every store. These departments include:

Manager and supervisor
Plumbing and electrical
Sales specialist
Stocking and receiving
Customer service
Field leadership and support

Did you know? Lowe’s conducts more than 19 million customer transactions every week.

For detailed information regarding every position, please visit Lowe’s career page.

Every position Lowe’s offers requires different levels of education and experience. For example, a cashier position usually doesn’t require experience or a degree.

In contrast, many corporate and technology jobs require several years of experience, a degree, different certificates, etc.

Did you know? Lowe’s was founded more than 100 years ago, in 1921 in North Wilkesboro, NC, and still has a large impact on the community.

Felons can apply for any position, as Lowe’s doesn’t have a strict policy against hiring them. However, keep in mind their qualifications need to match the job position for which they’re applying.

It’s unlikely an inexperienced felon with no degree will be hired for, say, a managerial position.

Moreover, the type of felony could play a determining role. If an individual with a theft charge applies for a position that involves working with money, they most likely won’t be hired for that particular job.

Of course, this isn’t a universal rule. Lowe’s treats every employee individually and reviews every application carefully. The company could make an exception if they consider an individual’s skills and experience worth consideration.

Wages at Lowe’s

Since Lowe’s seeks workers for dozens of positions, wages can vary greatly. According to Payscale, the average wage for a Lowe’s employee is $13.60 per hour.

Cashiers generally make $12 per hour, while sales associates and customer service associates make $13. Head cashiers earn around $14 per hour, as do merchandisers. Loaders and stockers also make slightly less than $15 per hour.

Department managers and retail department supervisors earn somewhat better wages: they earn $19 per hour on average. Employees in the technology department have an average wage of $20 per hour.

How much money an individual makes at Lowe’s depends on the position, but also on the individual’s experience, education, and competencies.

Moreover, Lowe’s is known for valuing its employees’ effort and hard work. If one displays outstanding performance, they could receive a bonus and even a promotion, depending on the circumstances.

Is Lowe’s A Good Work Place For Felons?

Generally, Lowe’s is considered a good company to work for. Employees enjoy numerous benefits that include:

Competitive wages
Health, dental, and vision insurance
Life and disability insurance
Paid time off
401(k) match
Maternity and parental leave

The availability of these benefits depends on specific positions and contract types.

How Can A Felon Get A Job At Lowe’s

Lowe’s hiring process involves several stages:

Applying for a Job

The process starts by visiting Lowe’s website, creating a profile, and browsing available jobs. Once you find a job that matches your qualifications, you should upload a resume detailing your skills and experience.

After you submit your application, you’ll be required to take an assessment test that has three parts: a personality test, situational judgment test (SJT), and a cognitive test.

Neither the application nor the tests include questions about criminal history because Lowe’s has adopted the “no-box” policy.

This policy is a product of the Ban-the-Box campaign that seeks to remove the checkbox that asks applicants whether they have a criminal record.

The campaign’s purpose is to give ex-offenders a chance to display their qualifications first. By eliminating the box, Lowe’s gives felons an equal opportunity to apply for any job position.


The interview stage at Lowe’s usually involves several steps. The first one is typically a preliminary interview conducted by the HR manager and the assistant manager. They may ask you about your previous experience and why you think you’re a good fit for the job.

The second interview is more specific and conducted by the HR and department managers. You’ll be asked about your ability to work in a team and be given different scenarios to see what sort of solution you would offer.

Keep in mind that if you pass the first stage and get invited to an interview, you’ll need to agree to a background check and more on that in a bit. Before you’re hired, Lowe’s requires you to take a 10-panel drug test.

Tip: Be honest about your criminal history. Lying and trying to cover it up rarely works and can even hurt your chances of employment.

Lowe’s Background Check

Like every company, Lowe’s seeks employees who are trustworthy, so it conducts a criminal background check. The company wants to ensure the safety of its employees and customers, which is why it pays special attention when screening potential employees.

Background checks are standard ways for a company to learn more about your character and potential criminal history. The level of Lowe’s background check could depend on the specific position for which you are applying.

For example, if you’re applying for a cashier’s position, Lowe’s may need to take a look at your financial background as well.

In most cases, Lowe’s background checks examine the past seven years. This means that if you’ve committed a felony 10 years ago, Lowe’s may not discover it.

However, keep in mind that severe felonies that happened more than seven years ago could also be cause for Lowe’s to reject your application.

Also, it’s crucial to note the company could make a decision based on the type of felony you committed. Typically, violence, fraud, or theft charges significantly lower one’s chances of employment.

Despite all of this, you shouldn’t be afraid to apply for employment with Lowe’s. It is an open-minded company that considers every individual employee’s credentials. So, although Lowe’s doesn’t have a special program that is geared toward hiring felons, it does often employ felons.

Lowe’s Employee Reviews

Lowe’s receives generally positive reviews from its employees, past and present.

“It’s fun to work with customers and coworkers. The pay and schedule are above average for retail. I like the benefits that come with the job, including the 401(k) match.” Customer Service Associate,

“Misdemeanors didn’t keep Lowe’s from hiring me. I didn’t have to list them when I submitted my application but discussed them in the interview. They had no problem with them, but they did happen more than 20 years ago.”

“Although it can be hard in the beginning, the job gets much easier once you know your area. If you try hard, it’s not too difficult to work your way up to a promotion. My advice to the management would be to pay more attention to the initial training. Even though it’s comprehensive, it could be organized in a better way to keep trainees interested in staying.” Sales Specialist,
“Almost all Data Specialists have a Ph.D., so you’ll be surrounded by smart people from which you can learn a lot. The current leadership is amazing and inspires the rest of the team, which means a lot, especially since most of us are working remotely. The benefits that come with the job are impressive.” Data Scientist Intern,

“Honestly, I would recommend working at Lowe’s to anyone, especially college students. I’ve learned skills I never expected to learn, thanks to Lowe’s education programs. Most importantly, working at Lowe’s taught me how to organize my time better and work in a team. The job isn’t too difficult, especially when you work with trustworthy coworkers. Oftentimes, we used to divide and conquer to get everything done faster.” Experienced employee,

“I liked the fast-paced environment and interaction with customers. But, if you don’t like standing on your feet and moving around all day, this may not be the right job for you.” Former cashier,

Get Your Second Chance at Lowe’s

Although Lowe’s doesn’t have specific programs aimed at providing opportunities for felons, it’s more than open to hiring them.

Whether or not a felon will get hired depends on the specific position and the type and severity of the felony. The company has adopted the Ban-the-Box policy to ensure every potential employee is given an opportunity, regardless of their criminal history. Of course, this doesn’t mean the company won’t run a background check.

We hope this article has convinced you that there’s opportunity at Lowe’s – they’re one of the top employers that won’t reject felons based on their criminal past.

So long as you’re honest about your history, you’ll receive an equal opportunity to be hired for the job.

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