Reentry Programs that Help Felons Get Housing in Alabama


If you have been released from prison in Alabama and are struggling to find a place to live, consider turning for help to faith based or community based local reentry programs.

While these programs offer many types of assistance, some are geared specifically to help ex-convicts find housing.

Don’t be afraid to contact them – you will not be turned down! All these organizations exist and get funding in order to help felons make a successful reintegration into society. Having a safe place to live is a huge step toward this goal.

Check out these prison reentry programs that assist felons with housing.

1. Shepherds Fold

Birmingham, AL
Phone: (205) 780-6211

This program is for incarcerated males and females who need a home plan. If they are accepted in to this 6 month program, they receive the following assistance: food, shelter, clothing, evening programs four nights a week, help with ID cards, finding employment, financial knowledge classes, literacy and GED diploma assistance.

The Fold was founded in 1986, and boasts an extremely low recidivism rate. In the last 3 years, less than 2% of full program graduates were incarcerated again.

2. The Fountain House

116 N. McDonough St., Montgomery, AL 36104
Contact: (334) 593-5925

The Fountain House provides transitional housing for women only as they integrate back into society after being released from prison. Note, this is a small house, so spots are limited. Also, this program only accepts women who are interested in getting their GED and are willing to work full time. A huge part of the program’s success is helping women build strong personal connections, connect to faith in G-d, and regain confidence.

3. Renascence Inc

Montgomery, Alabama
Contact: (334) 832-1402

This is a 6 months to 1 year long program for men only, who have been released on probation or parole, for none-violent crimes only. Renascence half-way house can accommodate no more than 14 people at a time. All participants are expected to pay rent, work or go to school, attend scheduled classes and meetings, follow all the rules of the house.

4. The Foundry Ministries

Bessemer, AL
Contact: 205-424-4673

This is a 6 months long reentry program for males only, who have been released from prison. There is a one-time fee of $450 due at intake. Participants get free housing, food, clothing, basic health and dental care, life-skills classes, Bible study and prayer.

Ministry is a big component of the program – connecting with G-d helps felons move on from their past, and find healthier ways of interacting with others and being productive members of society.

5. A Day Of New Beginnings. Inc

114-B Brown Ave., Rainbow City, AL 35906
Contact: (256) 399-6908

This half-may house provides a 6 months long re-entry program for women only, who have been released from prison.

Half-way house is not a prison!

Reentry programs for felons

If you have to turn to transitional housing because you don’t have other support, it may actually be much better than living completely on your own, without any structure. Often, living with family once you come out of prison may not be the best idea, because you face pressure to work, criticism and lack of understanding. Its also easy to fall into depression, start mixing with a bad crowd, do drugs, drink, etc. These are all things you want to avoid!

While total freedom may seem very attractive, its also very easy to fall back into old unhealthy patterns, addictions and crimes, when you have no structure or support.

In fact, 2 out of 3 people in the US, who have a prior criminal record, end up behind bars again! Taking advantage of a transitional housing program can help you avoid this sad scenario. While there are many rules and regulations that you have to follow while being part of the program, these can actually help you get your life on track. This way you can enjoy complete freedom and independence once you are fully ready for it.

Especially if you have a substance abuse problem, it would be much better for you to be a part of a structured program that offers communal support, counseling and therapy.

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