Best Careers For Female Felons (2024 Guide)


Female felons often struggle with finding a job. But just as there are many career options for male felons, female felons can choose between a wide range of jobs suitable for them.

This list of careers for female felons includes the best options for every woman with a felony searching for a job.

Baker or Chef

Bakers and chefs use their understanding of different ingredients and combine them to create delicious baked goods or cooked meals.

Both bakers and chefs need to have impeccable organizational skills, attention to detail, patience, and great time management.

Working in a busy bakery or restaurant also means having good stress-management skills and the ability to multitask.

You’ll also need to work well with other team members because teamwork is key to being successful in the hospitality industry. Since you probably won’t be handling discrete client information, companies are more willing to look past a candidate’s history.

Some bakeries and restaurants may require experience or a college degree, while others don’t. Of course, having experience is always an advantage and can help you make more money right from the start.


Receptionists manage the front desk of a company, hotel, or a different organization. They are typically the first people customers, clients, or guests see when they walk into a room.

Receptionists can have different duties depending on the organization they work for. Some of the responsibilities may include meeting and greeting clients and guests, scheduling meetings, arranging couriers, or answering and forwarding phone calls.

Most companies require a high school diploma for a receptionist position, but some value experience or additional education.

Employers are usually more interested in soft skills or personal attributes important for the role. A receptionist should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be able to work under pressure and multitask, handle stress well, and pay attention to details.

Moreover, a receptionist should be familiar with working on computers and treat every client and guest with respect and utmost professionalism.

If the position doesn’t require handling important information or finances, it is going to be more a more felon-friendly job, so research the company and the job ad before applying and be honest.


Many people believe that being a waitress is easy, but this is far from true. A waitress welcomes and seats the guests, takes their drink and food orders, and communicates the orders to the bar and kitchen.

Plus, a waitress makes recommendations regarding drinks and food, checks on her guests multiple times, handle payment, and on top of all, does side work.

The job can be rewarding, but it’s definitely not for everyone. A good waitress needs to be communicative, able to multitask and work under pressure, organized, and thorough.

Plus, she should have great listening skills and a desire to help people. If you think you have such skills, don’t hesitate to apply for a waiting position.

The job can be very rewarding, and you’ll undoubtedly meet great people.


Telemarketers are sales representatives who contact potential clients via phone and sell products. They usually never meet their customers in person, which is why telemarketers need to have an excellent telephone demeanor.

Besides excellent communication skills, telemarketers need to be persuasive. They should be able to talk about a product and highlight its best features without sounding too “salesy.”

This means a good telemarketer needs to know a product inside and out and be ready to reply to every question a customer may have. Plus, telemarketers need to have great listening skills and be patient.

Most telemarketing companies provide extensive training to their new employees, so you shouldn’t be afraid of applying even if you don’t have any experience.

Customer Support Specialist

Customer support specialists are professionals who interact with clients and customers, answer their questions, and resolve complaints and concerns.

These people can communicate with customers over the phone or via email or social networks, depending on the company.

Either way, excellent communication skills are a must for this position. Persuasive speaking and writing skills are also desirable because you’re bound to receive calls from unsatisfied customers and find a way to help them.

Successful customer support specialists are responsible, patient, organized, and adaptable. Since this position usually doesn’t involve teamwork, customer support specialists should also be independent.

Almost every company needs a customer support specialist, meaning you probably won’t have trouble finding job vacancies. Plus, most companies won’t require particular experience or formal education. This is great for those who haven’t worked in a similar position before.

Being a customer support specialist can be a great stepping stone for advancing within a company. Managers recognize and value hard work and persistence and are happy to reward such behavior, whether with a raise or a promotion.

Content Writer

If you’re creative and like to learn new things every day, a content writing job can be an excellent choice. Content writers create interesting and engaging articles to advertise a specific product or provide valuable information to readers.

One of the perks of being a content writer is that you’re relatively independent. You don’t have to work with other writers, which is great for those who don’t like working in teams.

Content writing is often a job with flexible working hours, and there’s usually a possibility to work from home. This is especially beneficial for moms, as they can manage their time as they please and find a perfect work-life balance.

Content writers need to have excellent research and time management skills and be able to adapt to different styles and topics.

Of course, a content writer needs to have impeccable language skills and know proper grammar and spelling.

Some content writing jobs require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, literature or language, or journalism, but most don’t.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Another field many female felons find interesting is digital marketing. Being a digital marketing specialist typically doesn’t require a college degree. There are plenty of online courses that can help you become a digital marketing expert and land a great job.

One of the benefits of becoming a digital marketing specialist is that you can do freelance work.

Freelancing allows you to tailor your schedule and work as much as you’d like without anyone bothering you about it. This also means you’re responsible for your salary.

Digital marketing specialists work on different marketing campaigns to promote brands. They can also create content, do market research, publish articles and social media posts, adjust campaigns when necessary, etc.

This position requires great communication skills, an ability to analyze data and draw insights, and advanced computer and social media knowledge.

High Paying Jobs For Female Felons

The top paying jobs for females with a felony conviction will be in the IT and online marketing sector. Its possible to earn a salary of $60-80K per year and more, once you learn the skills needed for the job.

Working in this sector often means that you can either work for yourself or be hired by a company that will be willing to forgo the background check.

There Are Plenty of Options

Starting a new career is difficult for anyone, especially for women with a felony. Fortunately, there are numerous options nowadays, from working at a desk to the hospitality industry.

Before applying for a job, you should consider what your biggest strengths are and what you’d like to do. This will help you make the right decision and find a job you’ll find fulfilling.

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