2023 DoorDash Jobs For Felons


Ever since its founding in 2013, DoorDash has managed to remain among the top, if not the top, food delivery services in the US and Canada.

Due to its highly efficient and relatively inexpensive delivery fees, DoorDash had made full use of the pandemic to bolster its reach as the premier delivery company.

Many felons will come across DoorDash as a potential place of employment on their job hunt, and it’s perfectly natural to wonder if the company is a good fit.

In this article, we’ll discuss what kind of jobs DoorDash offers and how suitable they are for felons looking to turn their life around.

We’ll also consider the salary and any other benefits offered to DoorDash employees and subcontractors and how well it’s received among the community and its workers.

DoorDash Jobs

If you’re considering working for DoorDash, there are two distinct job groups in the company that need to be discussed:

• Dashers i.e., delivery drivers
• Corporate jobs

The first type of job is similar to what you’d expect of most delivery work. Employees need to provide their own mode of transport (car, bicycle, or scooter).

While the requirements for dashers are typically not as stringent as corporate jobs, DoorDash will still perform background checks on drivers. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years old.

Since DoorDash uses a mobile app to provide drivers with information on deliveries and sign them into the service, prospective employees will also need a smartphone.

The other type of DoorDash employment is in one of their corporate offices. The company has a wide range of available positions, from entry-level customer support to high-demand designers, data analytics scientists, software engineers, and management positions.

Corporate jobs are available in DoorDash offices across the US and Canada. You can find a full range of available positions by going to DoorDash’s careers page.

Working As A Dasher

A dasher’s duties are relatively simple. When a customer orders food from one of the restaurants on the app, you will get a notification about an order that needs to be filled.

If you want to fulfill that order, you need to deliver the food from the restaurant to the customer. In some cities, the orders don’t have to be from a restaurant. DoorDash is one of the many food delivery services that have expanded into other supplies like medicine or groceries.

A criminal record doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from working as a dasher. Misdemeanors and crimes that aren’t related to driving won’t ruin your chances of getting a position.

However, if you’ve been implicated in a crime that involved a car or another vehicle, your chances are much slimmer. For example, driving under the influence, without a license, or with a suspended license will most likely be the primary reasons you fail to get a job as a dasher for DoorDash.

Most DoorDash background checks go about seven years back, so convictions beyond that point won’t matter much when looking for a position as a dasher. It’s also favorable not to have three or more incidents or accidents in the past three years if you want better odds of getting employed.

Since you’ll be driving a car, you’ll need to purchase car insurance to start working as a dasher and have at least two years of driving experience. The model or age of the vehicle doesn’t matter much. The car’s cosmetic appearance doesn’t play a role in obtaining a position.

Did You Know? Some cities allow their dashers to use bicycles, electric bicycles, or scooters to perform deliveries. While these modes of transport are typically slower than a car, they have fewer upkeep costs and can maneuver around a city much quicker.

However, you’re unlikely to get distant orders on a bicycle, which pay higher than average. But at least you’ll get plenty of exercise.

If you have a vehicle, you can also consider getting a job as a diver for Lyft or Uber.

Do Dashers Need To Submit To A Background Check?

Yes. After you fill out an application, the company will perform a background check. For most positions, DoorDash performs a check going back the aforementioned seven years.

The following states won’t look at cases ruled as “not guilty” within that period:

• Alaska
• California
• Hawaii
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• New York

However, some states might perform a more thorough background check. For Dashers, however, the requirements are usually laxer due to it being an entry-level-type position.

Since this is primarily a driving position, DoorDash will also perform a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). This means that felons looking to work as dashers will need to consent for a background check with a criminal history report and the MVR.

How Do Dashers Operate?

Unlike traditional employment, dashers are technically subcontracted to DoorDash. As such, the company is not liable to provide you with any health and insurance benefits.

Dashers are not paid a guaranteed wage. Their salary is based on the number and specifics of orders they deliver throughout their shifts. Each driver can choose the hours they work. This can be an excellent position if you need an additional source of income or can’t fit in with regular working hours.

While driver salaries are heavily based on the order quantity and duration, any tip that the customers leave through the app is yours to keep.

DoorDash also rewards top-performing dashers with priority picks and scheduling their orders more conveniently. Unfortunately, this only indirectly improves pay with increased workload and lower downtimes.

How Much Are Dashers Paid?

Since you don’t work on a set schedule, the salary will entirely depend on the orders you take, and how much you work over a month. Dashers get paid every week for all orders completed between Monday and Sunday the previous week.

The pay is calculated based on distance, time, and order desirability, and usually ranges from $2 to $10 per order. Less popular orders will usually pay better.

Since there’s theoretically no limit as to how many hours you can work during the day, you can earn a significant amount if you manage your time and orders carefully to avoid any downtime.

Typically, drivers can expect between $14 and $21 an hour, depending on the area, time of day, and the number of other dashers competing for the orders. Depending on how well you know the area, you can finish two to three deliveries in an hour relatively easily.

However, it should be noted that DoorDash doesn’t cover any expenses like car insurance and fuel costs for this position. It’s up to each driver to fill up their tanks and drive around the cities they service.

Dasher Hiring Process

The hiring process for dashers is relatively simple. You need to fill out an online application form and follow the instructions provided. US residents need to submit their social security number, driver’s license number, and consent to a background check.

The background check usually takes a few days to complete. If you’re accepted, you’ll need to sign up for new driver orientation.

This is usually performed in person, although you might be able to ask for an Activation Kit to get started remotely. The orientation is solely to ensure new dashers are familiar with the scope of their work and how the company operates.

After orientation, you can begin working as a dasher immediately. The entire process usually doesn’t take more than two weeks. If you haven’t heard back from DoorDash after that time, check the application website again and sign in.

All in all, if you’re a felon with a conviction that is over seven years old, a job as a dasher at DoorDash can be a great way to supplement your income or get more connections.

This position is more approachable and easier to manage due to the lack of time constraints compared to many other entry-level positions.

Did You Know? You don’t have to work for only one delivery service. Many delivery subcontractors double-dip on the most popular applications in their area. Using both DoorDash and Uber Eats, for example, will give you a better range of deliveries to choose from and provide a more stable income.

Is There An Interview For DoorDash?

If you want to start working as a dasher, you don’t need to attend any interviews. The application process is completed entirely online through the application form and the relevant information provided.

Even after a successful application, new hires can order an online Activation Kit to start working immediately, especially if they have prior delivery experience.

The in-person orientation might not even be available in some smaller towns and cities, making the online kit the only choice for new hires starting out.

Employee Experience As Dashers

Companies always like to boast that they have the best working conditions in the area and pay more than their competitors. However, when you’re looking for a place to work for a significant amount of time, it’s always good to listen to what current and former employees have to say.

DoorDash is a hugely popular food delivery service, and there’s no shortage of user experience online. We’ve looked at some of the quotes from employees about the position, and here is what dashers have to say:

“Doordash was a great part-time gig, keeps you busy. Customers are somewhat understanding that you’re not the one messing up their food orders, we’re just the ones delivering. It’s important to go above and beyond most of the time, text update the customers about what’s going on and ask them if they need sauces or extra silverware from the restaurant.”

“You get to make your own hours and pay scales depending on the total distance of each delivery to compensate for gas usage.”

“The appeal of being a dasher is the flexibility. You can select the days and times you want to work, and if something comes up, you can just cancel your dash time.”

“Very simple job. I like that you can choose when to work. Good summer job. Downside is that you can be logged in for multiple hours without receiving any orders.”

As you can tell, working as a dasher is considered a generally reliable position to fill your spare hours and bring in some extra cash every week. However, the job doesn’t come without its downsides.

Since dashers are considered subcontractors, they are not covered under any sort of health insurance or benefits package. Each driver also needs to take care of their vehicle, and gas costs and other upkeep can drain some of the earnings for each period.

Generally speaking, consider being a dasher only as a part-time job or a second gig when work is slow.

Additionally, the earnings can fluctuate severely depending on the area and time of day. Delivery drivers in small cities can suffer from a lack of customers ordering on the platforms.

On the other hand, larger cities might have too many drivers competing for the same delivery, which cuts into each other’s wages.

Corporate Jobs At DoorDash

There are multitudes of open positions at DoorDash in one of their corporate offices across the US and Canada. Based on our research, the company is willing to hire felons and ex-convicts if their cases are older than seven years.

Since these positions can range from entry-level to upper management and software engineering and design, the requirements for each position will vary significantly.

When considering a position in a corporate office, you need to keep in mind that DoorDash performs thorough background checks for their workers. However, if your convictions didn’t have anything to do with the corporate environment and the job position you’re considering, your chances should be relatively similar to a non-convict.

Corporate jobs at DoorDash usually come with full benefits and a stable salary compared to dashers. However, they also have more stringent background checks, and advanced positions have specific job descriptions and technical skill requirements.

Still, if you find a career you think you can perform, there’s no reason you shouldn’t fill in an application and hope for the best.

Do DoorDash Corporate Jobs Require A Background Check?

Yes. Just as much as any job in an office requires a background check, so do positions at DoorDash. Typically, the company performs a more relaxed check for entry-level positions and is willing to hire felons with a positive history of rehabilitation.

However, do note that your chances at getting a position will depend on your convictions and how long ago they happened. Crimes that are older than seven years old are going to be less of an issue.

Being truthful with your potential employer will always be more beneficial. Since most background checks are nation rather than state-wide, any convictions in other states will show up in DoorDash’s background check.

If you’re questioned on whether or not you’ve been convicted in the past, stay honest because it will most likely give you a slightly better chance of obtaining the position you want.

Where Are DoorDash Offices Located?

If you have a conviction older than seven years and enough experience and technical skills to work in an office, you might be wondering where DoorDash is located.

The main corporate office is in San Francisco, CA. However, DoorDash also has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Chicago, Seattle, to name just a few.

Their offices are spread far and wide across the US, and there are even offices abroad (Toronto, Melbourne, Montreal). Be aware that the background checks in foreign offices might be different than those in the US.

However, not all offices have all types of corporate jobs available. The DoorDash careers page contains all the information about currently open positions and where they are located in the world.

Did You Know? DoorDash currently operates in over 4,000 cities, every US state, and is spreading to foreign cities fast.

Corporate Jobs Salaries And Benefits

Unlike dashers, who are considered subcontractors and handled accordingly, corporate office work is a fully contractual employment with all the associated benefits. Employees are paid health and dental insurance, and salaries are considered competitive with other companies in the industry.

As one of the top-ranking tech firms in the country, DoorDash is considered an excellent place to work in a corporate setting.

Depending on the job title and qualifications required, some DoorDash jobs pay in high five or even six figures.

Turning Your Life Around With DoorDash

It takes significant effort to bounce back after a conviction. Fortunately, modern tech companies have more lenient hiring practices and are willing to hire felons who are determined to improve themselves.

If you’re looking for a job that can be done without much training and in your own time, DoorDash might be the perfect place to get started.

As long as you have a reliable car that can get you around town quickly, a valid driver’s license, and are more than 18 years old, you can apply as a dasher.

The company has a background check that stretches seven years back, but minor offenses within that period are unlikely to cause much trouble. However, it’s recommended that you keep accident-free for at least three years to improve your odds of getting the job.

If you have more qualifications and are considering office work, check out DoorDash’s official careers page for further information and positions that might be up your alley.

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