Food Delivery Jobs For Felons (2024 Guide)

If you have a felony conviction and are looking for work, consider going into food delivery.

As a felon, being a food delivery driver can be a good paying job that also offers flexibility. Food delivery services are typically felon-friendly and are willing to give people with criminal records a chance if they are a good fit for the company.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of companies that are delivering food from restaurants as well as from grocery stores right to people’s doors. This means that there are a lot of new jobs for delivery drivers!

What is the best food delivery service to work for?

When you are looking for a job, of course apply with big companies such as Amazon and Walmart. These have their own grocery delivery services and they hire drivers.

There is also Instacart, which is a food delivery service that brings people groceries from local supermarkets, such as Shaw’s, Wegman’s, Aldi, and any other local store that is partnering with Instacart. To apply for a delivery driver position simply go to

However, there is a host of other companies that are getting into the food delivery business and they offer both customers and delivery drivers the ability to do everything through the app on the phone (both iphone and android).

All these apps encourage clients to tip the driver automatically after completing the delivery, so you can earn more money.

4 Best food delivery apps

Here are the growing food delivery services that are worth applying with. Note, some of them may not be available in your area.

Doordash (strictly food delivery)
Uber Eats
Postmates (deliveries from different kidds of stores, such as supplies, in addition to food)
Grubhub (the largest online food delivery platform)

Out of these Uber Eats may be particularly attractive if you are already driving for the company, or would like to get a ride sharing job with Uber. Then you just use your app to deliver groceries as well.

Another big perk is that Uber is available in a wide range of cities and towns across the US. Other companies have a much smaller reach at this point and may not be available in some cities at all.

Keep in mind that Uber has a requirement for the age of your car. So if your car is very old you may not be hired for the job.

Apply to become a delivery driver

If food delivery sounds like a good job to you, its very easy to apply online or even through your phone. Simply go to the website of the company you want to drive for and fill out their online application.

Its also a good idea to look for food delivery jobs on big search engines such as,,

Another way to look for delivery work is to look for “food delivery jobs near me” in the google search to get local job openings. Here you may seen individual restaurants that are hiring their own drivers and can apply directly with each business.

Be prepared that there will be a standard criminal background check as part of the application process.

Keep in mind that while all of these delivery services are open to hiring felons, there is a still very high chance of getting turned down because of your criminal background. Don’t get discouraged and just keep applying. Drivers are in very high demand, so eventually you will land this job.

How much money can you earn doing food delivery

On average, food delivery drivers report earning between $10-12 per hour. At the higher end, its possible to make as much as $15-18 per hour.

Companies like Doordash are known to take the least commission (around 20%) while Uber takes the most (around 25%)

Postmates pays one of the top salaries in the industry. Experienced drivers can earn as much as $19-25 per hours. Another huge perk is that you actually don’t need a car to work for Postmates! You can use a bicycle or a motorcycle.

One of the biggest advantages of working for Grubhub is that you always make at least minimum wage when you are on the clock. This means that you will get paid even if you didn’t get an order during your working hours.

Keep in mind that your total salary can vary greatly depending on the area you are in and how many deliveries you do in one day. Also, to make the most money, its important to work during peak hours such as lunch and dinner time. This is also when you can get the most tips.

When considering your earnings, don’t forget to factor in the cost of car maintenance from doing so much driving every day as well as the cost of gas.

Pros and Cons

As with any job, there are distinct benefits, as well as down sides to getting into the food delivery business. Here are the main ones to keep in mind.

Pros of working as a food delivery driver

In general being a delivery driver is one of the most felon-friendly jobs out there.

– Most food delivery services are open to hiring people with criminal records and felony convictions
– Flexible hours (you make your own schedule)
– Part and full time options
– Great source of extra income
Get a college degree while you work
– Not a labor intensive job
– You work alone: there are no bosses over your head


– Wear and tear on your vehicle (this can get expensive over time)
– Inconsistent earnings. This can be a challenge if you are struggling financially and need to pay for rent, food, etc.
– Penalties for dropped or canceled orders that some companies such as Grubhub have
– Sometimes its challenging to work with upset customers, and remain nice and polite

Additional driving job opportunities for felons

If you are into driving as a job, there are other types of delivery driver positions that you should consider. Now is a very good time to apply, because its the Holiday season. This means a lot of companies are hiring extra delivery drivers for the season to help deliver an increased amount of packages. Even if this will not turn into a permanent job, it can be a good way to earn some extra cash fast.

Consider applying with these companies to become a delivery driver:

Trucking companies
Ridesharing services: Lyft, Uber, and Via
Amazon Flex
Apps like Shipt and Deliv

Let us know in the comments below if you have been hired for a food delivery job as a felon and how much you are getting paid. Any tips on how to get hired are greatly appreciated by our community of readers!

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