Does Dunkin Donuts Hire Felons? (2024 Guide)

Dunkin’ Donuts is a multinational coffee and donut company founded in 1950. Since then, the company has grown immensely and has restaurants worldwide.

When looking for employment, many felons consider the food and beverage industry, so it’s natural to wonder whether Dunkin’ Donuts is open to hiring individuals with felonies.

Here, we’ll explain whether the company is felon-friendly. We’ll also discuss the hiring process, average salary, and other information people who want to work for Dunkin’ Donuts should know.

Is Dunkin’ Donuts Felon-Friendly?

Like many employers in the food service industry, Dunkin’ Donuts claims they believe in second chances and supporting individuals who want to get back on track.

But, is the company really open to hiring felons? You’ll be happy to know the answer is yes.

Dunkin’ Donuts is more than willing to hire felons and offers a wide range of job positions. Of course, this doesn’t mean every felon who applies will get the job.

The company’s hiring team will look at the individual’s experience, education, and traits to determine whether they’re the right fit.

It’s important to mention that Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t a Ban the Box company. If you’re not familiar with Ban the Box, this is a campaign that advocates for ex-offenders.

It aims to remove the checkbox that asks applicants if they have a criminal record on job applications. Even though Dunkin’ Donuts hasn’t officially supported the Ban the Box campaign, the company doesn’t ask applicants about their criminal record on the application.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Dunkin’ Donuts is a franchise-based system. Each store is owned by an individual who can create their own hiring policies, which, of course, must comply with state and federal laws.

This means that the hiring policies vary depending on the store. Some store owners may be more willing to hire felons.

Did you know? Dunkin’ Donuts has more than 11,000 restaurants worldwide.

Can Some Offenses Disqualify You From Working at Dunkin’ Donuts?

Some offenses may lower your chances of getting hired at Dunkin’ Donuts. For example, if you have a vehicular felony on the record, you’ll probably have difficulty landing a job as a delivery driver.

Or, if you committed theft, store owners will likely be hesitant to let you handle money.

Of course, these aren’t universal rules. You shouldn’t miss out on applying for a job just because you believe you won’t get it.

Here are some factors that store owners may consider when deciding whether or not they should hire felons:

Nature of the crime – Individuals with violent offenses aren’t ideal candidates for a job.

The time that has passed since the offense – If the offense happened years ago and the person has maintained a clean record, store owners may be more willing to hire them.

Nature of the role – If the person’s offense could affect their ability to perform the job they applied for, store owners could be hesitant to hire them.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Do Background Checks?

As mentioned, Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t ask applicants about their criminal record when they apply for a job. Still, this doesn’t mean the company doesn’t conduct background checks in the later stages of the application process.

Background checks are common, but they aren’t conducted by every Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. Whether or not you’ll need to go through the process depends on the store owner and the local laws.

Namely, some states require a background check before hiring someone, while other states don’t.

Typically, background checks include criminal history, credit reports, and driving records. When it comes to how far back background checks go, it also depends on the particular state.

For example, some states only go back as far as seven years, while others may look even further into your background.

Pro Tip: Regardless of whether or not you’ll need to go through a background check, it’s always recommended to be honest about your past.

Mention the felony, explain the circumstances, and show the hiring team your honesty, willingness to succeed, and determination.

What Jobs Does Dunkin’ Donuts Offer?

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a comprehensive list of job positions. You can apply for a team member position in one of the restaurants or choose management, production, support, or above restaurant leadership.

The most popular entry-level positions are related to working in restaurants. Crew members prepare food and beverages, collect payments, maintain cleanliness, and focus on safety and security.

In terms of requirements, Dunkin’ Donuts usually doesn’t ask applicants for experience, making this a great job opportunity for those who want to enter the food service industry even if they’ve never worked in it before.

If you do your job well, you may be eligible for promotions and advance to management positions.
Of course, if you have some experience working in the industry, you may be able to get a job that isn’t entry-level.

What Is the Average Salary at Dunkin’ Donuts?

It’s hard to discuss the average salary because it varies greatly depending on the position.

Entry-level crew members usually make around $13 per hour, which matches the national average, while shift leaders have a $14 hourly wage.

Assistant managers typically earn $15 per hour, and general managers make $16-$17.

The Hiring Process at Dunkin’ Donuts

If you want to land a job at Dunkin’ Donuts, you should learn more about the company’s hiring process.
The first step is applying for a particular job.

To do that, you can visit the company’s career page and browse available jobs. Once you find a job that suits your preferences, skills, and experience, you should complete your application.

The hiring team will review all applications, and if they see you’re a good fit for the job, they’ll invite you for an interview. If that happens, be prepared to answer questions regarding your past jobs, education, values, hobbies, personality, etc.

Upon completion of the interview, the hiring team may extend a job offer right away, or you may have to wait a few days to hear the results.

Pros and Cons of Working at Dunkin’ Donuts

Every job has its advantages and drawbacks. If you want to work at Dunkin’ Donuts, you should consider the pros and cons before applying for a position.

Here are some of the advantages former and current Dunkin’ Donuts employees like:

-Life insurance
-Short- and long-term disability
-Generous paid time off
-Optional health plans
-Traditional and Roth 401 (k) with a company match
-Education opportunities
-Healthy living seminars
-There are several potential drawbacks of working at Dunkin’ Donuts:
-Fast-paced environment
-Occasional holiday and weekend work

Start Your Career in the Food Service Industry

Many felons struggle to find stable jobs with decent wages. Fortunately, companies like Dunkin’ Donuts are open to hiring individuals with felonies and can help them get their life back on track.

Job stability, great benefits, and insurance are only some of the perks Dunkin’ Donuts employees enjoy. Over time, it’s possible to advance to higher positions and earn more money.

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