2024 Publix Warehouse Jobs For Felons

If you have a felony conviction and are looking for work, consider applying to warehouse job openings at Publix Supermarkets.

Publix is the largest employee owned grocery chain in America, and it has a history of hiring felons.

Even if you have been turned down from other jobs in the food service industry, consider applying for careers at Publix – this supermarket is considered one of the best employers in the US.

In addition to Publix warehouse jobs, there are dozens of other positions that are constantly opening up. These include: drivers, sales associates, stock room associates, deli clerks, and others.

Learn more about getting hired at Publix with a criminal background, types of jobs you can apply for, salary and benefits.

Does Publix hire felons?

Ex cons looking for jobs should know that Publix hires felons. While it will be hard to get this job, as there are over 2,000,000 applications a year, so its very competitive, many felons have been successfully hired at Publix.

If you have not been able to get a job at this store, check out out list of over 200 felon friendly employers all across US.

Here are the warehouse positions that someone with a felony conviction has a high chance of getting:

Forklift operator
Warehouse associate
Inventory checker
Order checker
Distribution operator
Truck driver
Cafeteria Worker

You should keep in mind that large companies such as Walmart, Amazon, and Costco also have many warehouse job openings, and you should definitely apply to those stores as well.

Having previous experience working in a warehouse or driving a truck will go a long way to help your application stand out among others and will increase your chances of getting called in for the interview.

Lastly, remember: like any other large company Publix will ask you to submit to a mandatory background check, as part of the application process. Don’t think that this will be the end of your chances of getting hired! Like we said earlier, there are many felons who work at Publix.

How much do Pulbix warehouse workers make?

The average reported salary of a warehouse worker at Publix is $15 per hour. However, experienced workers that operate machinery and truck drivers can earn as much as $30-45 per hour.

The good news about most warehouse positions is that Publix will hire people without any prior experience and will give you on the job training.

Another great benefit of warehouse jobs is that not too many people are interested in them, because they are very physically demanding and often repeat repeating the same physical motions many many times.

Make sure that you are physically fit, healthy and are able to lift heavy objects if you are interested in warehouse work. Female felons are also welcome to apply to Publix warehouse jobs.

If you are also considering applying for various in-store positions here are average Publix salaries for various associates in the store:

Cashier/grocery bagger: $9.20-9.5 per hour
Customer service associate: $10.60 per hour
Stocking associate: $11 per hour
Grocery associate: $12 per hour
Deli associate: $12 per hour
Bakery clerk: $11 per hour
Server: $12-13 per hour

At the top tier of their salaries, the positions above pay about $16-18.3 per hour

In addition to decent salaries, Publix workers report that they are very happy with their jobs. The company culture is very friendly, and most people enjoy collaborating with their team mates. Most also have good relationships with their managers.

The company provides very good benefits, a strong work/life balance and job security. Employees with talent, top notch skills as well as dedication have many career advancement opportunities within the company.

Overall, current employees give Public 4.1 out 5 starts as a great place to work.

How to apply

Publix jobs for felons

Publix supermarkets, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities are primarily located in the Southeast: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Today there are 1,241 store locations (808 of the stores are in Florida) and 8 distribution centers, and 11 manufacturing facilities.

In total, the 8 Publix distribution centers have 28 warehouses, so there are many new job openings coming up every day. There are full time, part-time, hourly, and seasonal positions available.

There are a number of ways you can apply to get a job at Publix, be it a warehouse, manufacturing center or a grocery store.

To apply for warehouse and manufacturing positions, you will need to ssearch for available job openings on the Publix website.

If you want to work in the grocery store itself, you can either walk-in to your nearest Publix store and fill out an online application there or you can apply online at home. It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete the application, so make sure to leave yourself enough time.

Other ways to apply are to look for current work opportunities on the job search engines such as indeed.com, glassdoor.com and monster.com. These sites usually post the latest job openings and you can search for jobs at a Publix near you.

Patti Breckenridge, who headed the Talent Acquisition Team at Publix Supermarkets provides the following critical advise to everyone who want to work at Pulix:

– Since there are hundreds of applicants to each store location, the best way to get noticed is to actually visit your nearest Publix store and introduce yourself to the manager.

– When you speak to the manager, make sure to highlight your strengths and skills. Describe the reasons why you would make a great addition to the Publix team.

– Don’t be afraid to disclose your felony! The manager will see it on your application anyway. However, by being honest and establishing a personal connection, you actually have a much higher chance that the manager will like you. This way he/she will be more interested in calling you in for the interview.

-If you want to work in a particular department, for example deli or produce, go talk to the manager of that department as well.

– Make sure to click the submit button on the online application! Otherwise your entire application will be gone (unless you save it). You will have to start all over again.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have been able to land a job at Publix with a felony. Share your tips with others in our community.

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