Walmart Driver Jobs In 2024

Many of our readers wonder if you can be a Walmart truck driver with a felony?

Walmart trucking jobs are open to qualified ex-cons. These jobs are extremely competitive, and there are many requirements for prospective applicants. However, this is one of the best jobs in the truck driving industry, so its worth a shot to apply.

There are numerous felons that have gotten truck driving jobs, and if you want really high pay and good benefits you should apply to Walmart. The company offers a top salary and some of the best benefits for its truck drivers.

Learn about what it takes for a felon to become a truck driver at Walmart:

– how much you will get paid
– your duties and responsibilities
– passing the criminal background check

Does Walmart hire felons?

The short answer is Yes!!! There are many felons that have gotten truck driving and OTR jobs at Walmart. However, as with any truck driving company, there are a few felony convictions that would disqualify you from applying to this position.

– DUI, DWI, OUI within the last 10 years
– Reckless driving involving alcohol/drugs within the last 10 years.
– Violent and sex related crimes
– Theft/burglary

Keep in mind that if your criminal offense is more than 10 years old, you may still be eligible to apply. Some states have a policy of not disclosing criminal records that are more than 10 years old.

If your charges are more recent than 7 years, you will most likely not be hired.

If you are denied from a job as a truck driver, there are many other types of jobs at Walmart open for felons. While the salary may not be as good as that of truck driver, Walmart workers still get nice benefits, and it may be easier to move up the career ladder, once you are on the inside.

Can a female felon drive a truck?

Female felons are equally as qualified to become truck drivers, if they meet all the requirements that Walmart puts forth for its OTR drivers.

Because fewer individuals are interested in pursuing a career as a truck driver and the turn over rate is so high, many companies have become open to hiring qualified female drivers.

In fact, driving a truck may be one of the best work options for a woman who has a family and kids, since you are guaranteed to be home every weekend.

Still, long-haul trucking is a challenging job for most women, since its hard to be away from family for such a long time. Also it may not be possible to find appropriate child care arrangements, especially for small children.

Walmart Driver Job Requirements

Here is a list of minimal requirements that any candidate who applies for a truck driving job at Walmart will need to meet.

– Cleared background check.

– Interstate Class A Commercial Driver’s License with Hazmat endorsement.

– At least 30 months of experience driving a Class A tractor / trailer in the last 3 years.

– No more than 2 moving violations while driving a personal or commercial vehicle in the last 3 years.

– No serious traffic violations while operating a commercial motor vehicle in the last three (3) years.

– No preventable accidents while driving a commercial vehicle in the last 3 years.

– No preventable DOT recorded accidents while driving a commercial vehicle in the last 10 years. For example: collisions that lead to disability, damage and/or immediate medical treatment.

– No preventable accident resulting in a death or catastrophic injury while driving a commercial vehicle, in the entire driving record.

– Must live within a 250 mile radius of the store location or distribution center you applied with. Alternatively, you mist be willing to move close to that location before your first day on the job.

– Go through rigorous training and orientation program before you start working

How to apply

To start your application, go to the Walmart Careers website, and see all the OTR driver jobs available across the US.

Alternatively, you can type into Google: “Drive4Walmart” and a list of open jobs will come up.

If you find a job in your location, click on that job and it will take you to the application.

Before you can access the application online, you will need to create an account. Once you submit your application, you will not be able to change or edit it.

In case there are no positions available in your area at this time, keep on checking back once every week or so, because new positions open up all the time.

Also, you can walk into your local Walmart store and fill out a paper application.

Walmart will notify you once they review your application and are interested in calling you in for an interview.

Before you apply, remember that you must have a CDL license. If you don’t have one, but want to drive a truck, you will need to get this license.

If you have no luck with Walmart, but still want to pursue a career as a truck driver, there are dozens of other large trucking companies hiring felons.

Salary and benefits

Walmart’s truck fleet is one of the largest and safest in the world. There are over 7,000 trucks in the fleet. Every year drivers cover over 700 million miles across the US, delivering merchandise.

One of the greatest perks of being a driver for Walmart is a very high salary and a generous benefits package. Here is what you will enjoy, if you are hired:

– Average salary is $87,500 annually in the first year. This is the equivalent of $0.89 per mile. This annual salary is at least $10,000-15,000 higher than in most other large trucking companies.

– Drivers in certain locations receive a 5% pay premium

– You will be home every week (this is extremely rare in the trucking industry)

– Reset hours not spent on the road

– Activity, training, and mileage pay starting from the first day on the job

– Earn quarterly safe driving bonuses

– You will not be responsible for loading or unloading freight – your only job is to DRIVE

– High quality medical, dental, vision insurance with very reasonable co-pays and premiums

– 401K plan

– Stock options

– Earn up to 21 paid days off in your first year

Walmart has one of the lowest driver turn overs in the industry – about 7% The Number One reason why drivers leave this job is for retirement!

This says a lot, since the truck driving field has one of the highest worker turn overs out of all industries.

According to the American Trucking Association, the turn over rate for OTR drivers hovers at around 90%. More than one third of newly hired long-haul drivers, leave only after a short three months.

Learn more about other truck driving jobs for felons.

Pros and Cons of Being a Walmart Truck Driver

Read the reviews of current and past truck drivers that have worked for Walmart, to get as a sense if this job is right for you. (Reviews have been sourced from


“Pay is above standard rates”

“There is never a shortage of work hours”

“Walmart tries hard to take care of its drivers”

“Other drivers are very nice”

“Fast paced work that makes the time go by fast”

“Great people, culture and conditions”

“Excellent and well-managed equipment”

“Good showers”


“Dealing with management can be very hard”

“Job sucks the life out of you”

“Can’t trust anyone in the management office”

“Management has very high expectations of drivers”

“Hard to leave and be away from home”

“New drivers need to constantly swap trucks”

“Old culture that Sam Walton started is gone”

“Management watches your every move, listens to your conversations, they capture a video of you to see if you are on the phone. Overall, no privacy.”

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