Does Aldi Do Background Checks?

While job hunting, you may have seen an ad that Aldi is hiring and wondered whether this supermarket chain is open to employing felons.

Although the “ban the box” movement has been pushing for change, those convicted of a felony still struggle to secure employment opportunities. While it might be challenging, an ex-offender can still find a job. Many get a chance to start over by working at a supermarket, such as Aldi.

Let’s review the possible positions at the store and whether a criminal record will prevent you from getting hired.

We’ll also discuss the pay rate and what current and former employees have to say.

Does Aldi Hire Felons?

Although Aldi hasn’t publicly disclosed a stance on hiring ex-offenders, it has provided job opportunities to felons in the past.

So, those afraid their criminal history automatically disqualifies them should still send in their application. The company’s management thoroughly examines each application to ensure they select candidates who are the best fit.

While some crimes won’t get in the way of a felon finding employment at Aldi, the chain isn’t as lenient with certain types of convictions.

Offenders convicted of violent crimes have a slim chance of moving forward in the hiring process.

Similarly, the hiring team doesn’t look favorably at those who have committed credit card fraud. Since working at Aldi requires teamwork, the store is unlikely to hire an applicant convicted of sexual offenses.

The company hires felons on a case-by-case basis. Although the hiring personnel may have misgivings about an applicant, there’s a good chance they’ll call them back for an interview.

The meeting allows the job-seeker to explain the nature and circumstances of their conviction. Additionally, they can elaborate on how they’ve changed since their release and how they plan to stay on the right track.

If you have a minor, non-violent offense on your record, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t land a job at Aldi.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always be upfront about your criminal record. Hiding such information will disqualify you from working at the store since the company runs background checks on prospective employees.

Aldi Background Checks

The corporation operates over 10,000 supermarkets worldwide and is strict about screening job-seekers. After all, hiring one wrong person could tarnish the chain’s reputation.

For his reason, a research team performs a thorough background check on each applicant.

In addition to uncovering information omitted from the documents, they’ll identify any discrepancies. Candidates who lie on their application won’t make it to the end of the hiring process.

Ex-offenders may need to meet stricter criteria. The research team will sift through every aspect of their background, from criminal to financial history. Note that the company won’t reject your application just because it finds out about a felony conviction.

Instead, the hiring team will assess your competency and inquire more about your history at the interview stage.

Besides background checks, drug testing is another core aspect of the corporation’s hiring process.

Did you know? Pre-employment drug testing has become a common practice among businesses, big and small. It helps companies save an estimated $739 billion annually because it lowers medical costs and absenteeism.

Moreover, Aldi looks at the time of conviction. It only considers applicants who have gone at least seven years without reoffending. Otherwise, management rejects candidates they believe are at high risk of getting into trouble.

But examining criminal records is only one part of the background checks. In addition to this information, the company reviews the applicant’s educational background.

For some openings, a high school diploma is sufficient. But for others, Aldi requires employees to have additional qualifications or even a bachelor’s degree. Before applying for a position, check if your skill set matches the job requirements.

If you’re interested in a delivery- or distribution-related position, you should have a clean driving record. Driving offenses like DIUs and DWIs significantly lower your chances of becoming a driver for Aldi.

Like other industry giants, the supermarket chain reviews each candidate’s credit reports. This data helps management understand your financial situation and how much it motivated you to apply for the position.

Those hoping to work at Aldi need to disclose their employment history. The hiring team will look at your previous positions and the level of responsibility you had. They’ll assess whether you have the qualities necessary for the open position.

Management is more open to hiring ex-offenders who have stayed out of trouble for at least seven years.

But the applicant’s general attitude plays a crucial role in whether they’ll secure a job at Aldi. The hiring team is looking for applicants committed to bettering themselves and contributing to their community.

Consequently, you should highlight your participation in any post-release rehabilitation program. If you have a certificate of completion, include it in your application or bring it to the interview.

Most rehabilitation programs focus on helping people find their footing, and your participation displays a conscious effort to make the most of your second chance.

If possible, gather character references and recommendations from past employers. Their belief in your capabilities will go a long way in convincing Aldi that you’re a good fit.

What Positions Can A Felon Get At Aldi?

While those strapped for cash typically look at delivery driver and cashier jobs, Aldi offers multiple other employment opportunities. Regardless of which position you’ve applied for, the initial screening process is the same.

Depending on your previous work experience, qualifications, and general skill set, you may be eligible to work in one of the following departments:

-Information technology
-District managers
Warehouse and distribution
-Store management and staff

You can learn more about these sectors on Aldi’s careers page. Here, you can also search for openings in your area. Use the filters to narrow your search and find jobs that match your criteria.

Did you know? The Albrecht brothers founded the business by expanding their mother’s store. However, they decided to part ways in 1960 after a dispute about selling cigarettes.

The split resulted in two companies, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. The former operates Trader Joe’s stores, while the latter operates supermarkets under the Aldi name in the U.S.

Aldi encourages job-seekers to send in applications through the careers page. If there are no openings for the position you’re interested in, you can register for job alerts.

All you need to do is press “Sign Up for Job Alerts” and enter your contact information. When the position is available, you’ll receive a notification. Remember that the company only hires applicants who are 18 or older.

Working at Aldi – What Do Employees Say?

Before committing to a position at Aldi, you should listen to what current and former employees have to say about the supermarket chain.

Their experiences could help you gauge whether Aldi ticks all your boxes. We’ve gathered some quotes from employees to help you make an informed decision.

“Great for someone looking for a competitive and fast-paced workplace. My coworkers, no matter what location I was in, were always so friendly and great.

My manager can be really flexible with scheduling when I’m part-time. They have shorter shifts than I see in other places.” – Current employee

“Coworkers are awesome – friendly and hard-working. The GM is also very understanding and respectful of the fact that I go to school full-time and that I prioritize that, and is willing to work with me on scheduling to accommodate that.” – Entry-level employee

“You’re constantly hustling in this environment for what doesn’t feel like accurate compensation. While Aldi pays relatively well compared to other jobs, it doesn’t feel like nearly enough for the hustle and bustle of Aldi.” – Entry-level employee

“I believe working at Aldi is very fast-paced and hands-on. I loved the benefits that they offered at the company. The coverage for dental, vision, and medical was great compared to other companies. I would change management and how they value their employees. I think they overlook the hard-working employees.” – Current employee

“I loved working for Aldi. I went from working as a part-time cashier to a full-time associate. I felt well respected by my managers and coworkers. I liked that they often promoted from within the staff. My time was valued, and my efforts were noticed by the district managers. My only complaint is that the schedule was not flexible enough for me.” – Former employee

As you can see, while employee reviews of the company are generally favorable, working at Aldi isn’t without drawbacks.

Many salaried employees appreciated the welcoming working environment and the extensive benefits packages.

On the other hand, the most common complaints included poor communication with middle and upper management and feeling underappreciated.
What Are the Pros and Cons of Working at Aldi?

One of the most enticing aspects of working at Aldi is the benefits full-time employees receive. The company’s extensive health coverage includes:

-Life insurance
-Vision insurance
-Health insurance
-Dental insurance
-Temporary disability insurance
-Long-term disability insurance
-Additionally, Aldi’s retirement and financial benefits cover:
-401(k) plans
-Pension plans
-Keep in mind that part-time employees who clock in less than 25 hours a week aren’t eligible for the above benefits.

The chain maintains a narrow profit margin due to its relatively affordable prices. As a result, it doesn’t offer employee discounts.

Plus, depending on the store’s location, you may have trouble getting in touch with upper management.

As Aldi is the go-to store for many customers, some employees have felt overworked and undervalued for their efforts.

How Much Does Aldi Pay Employees?

You can earn between $13 and $23 per hour, depending on your position. Cashiers are on the lower end of the pay spectrum, while assistant store managers earn considerably more. At the top of the pay scale, district managers make approximately $79,500 per year.

The company strives to pay all employees more than the federal minimum wage, which currently stands at $7.25 per hour. This rate only applies to states without laws regulating minimum wage.

Did you know? Currently, California is the only state will a $15 minimum wage for businesses with 25 or more employees. Several states have announced they plan to increase the minimum wage rate in the coming years, including Delaware, Connecticut, and Florida.

Starting Fresh At Aldi

Ex-offenders looking for a fresh start can try their luck at Aldi. You could be a good contender if you haven’t reoffended within the last seven years and meet other requirements.

Those convicted of more serious crimes should be genuine in their interview and explain their circumstances at the time of conviction.

Any employer would appreciate a candidate who has made a conscious effort to turn their life around.

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