Good Jobs For Felons – 6 Inspiration Stories Of Success


job success for felons Looking for a job when you have a felony often seems like fighting a war that you cannot win. The constant rejections, the humiliation and the crap jobs that rarely can make you feel like there is no hope for the future.

While, the position you are in is VERY HARD, the only way to keep going and finally get your life back on track is by having a positive outlook.

Here, we want to share 6 inspiration stories of success, where felons were able to find great jobs, and finally turned the page in their lives.

Brian The Blogger – Yeah I Sit On My Couch All Day!

What up guys?

So I guess I can tell you about my road to becoming a full time web designer. It all started when I could not get a job, after getting out of prison. I kept trying but I never had any luck. Mostly it was the self-defeating thoughts I had. However that’s another story.

Now one day while I was reading about how I could make money online, I found this person talking about blogging. How many people try it and fail at it. Well since I was a failure anyways I thought to myself “why not give it a shot? If I don’t succeed I won’t be surprised.”

I have always had a lot of things that I have been passionate about. One being video games. As sad as it sounds it’s what I love. How immature right? Well so what I did was get a game fly account and started recording myself playing these games.. I would also go to the GameStop and rent a few games and play them through. Recording every step of the way and making a complete walk through of the game. I would also write it down and take pictures. Giving my expert advice and all. After I did this, I started uploading the videos to YouTube and spreading the word about my channel on every forum I could find. I was getting around twenty thousand of views a month.

However, then I noticed that many other people were doing the same thing. They all had a website where they would recommend their fans should come back to. As of this point I was just uploading my walk-throughs to Youtube. I was thinking about all the people I was losing to those sites. People who spent their free time playing the very same games that I was reviewing.

So I figured out how to make a website. It was not hard and now I have some knowledge about making websites. I just bought a hosting service and installed WordPress on it. Then I started posting. People were coming in by the thousands, about half of what my Youtube videos were getting.  This is when I realized something. These people really trust me and my content. Why not try to make money off them. So I started linking them to websites where they could buy stuff from companies. These companies then gave me a percentage of the sale. Now I make enough to live semi comfortably. I know this may sound far fetched but I really spent 2 years doing this before I made a dime. Anyways at the end of the day I guess it’s if you love something then try to make money off of it.


If you would like to set up your own blog to start making profit from, donations etc. Then you are in luck. We show you how you can set up a website to start blogging. If you create a website that can help others you can take donations. You could also run ads on the site to make money. This page will tell you everything you need to know to get your website up and running. All you have to do after that is set up a paypal account and just add a donate button to your website!

How To Become A Felon Activist/Start A Blog

Nate the Bartender – I Serve Beer Instead Of Drinking It

Felon working as a bartender

Hey Guys,

So to make a long story short I have been an alcoholic my entire life. Which led me to getting in a very bad car accident. As a result, both me and a few others got very badly hurt. I was sentenced to three years in prison and served all of it.

When I got out I was still in the mindset of an alcoholic and went to the bars regularly. I got talking to one of the bartenders and told him about my situation. He asked me if I wanted a job and I said yes. So now instead of drinking at the bar I serve people drinks. I make good money too.


Larry the Plumber – a chance encounter that turned into a life long career


After I got out of prison I was left without a job. My family was supportive and wanted me to hang out with them for a while and I did. After a month or so of staying home we started having plumbing issues. I told them there was no need to call a plumber, but they insisted anyways.

When the plumber came I was eager to lend him a hand. He agreed and said that I was doing a great job. I told him that I did not have a job and needed one. He then hired me on the spot. Now I make a decent living doing plumbing as my profession.


Jason the Painter – I Paint Houses And Commercial Properties


Back in 2008 I was convicted of a felony. I was sentenced to 10 months in jail and then I got sent back to the world. However this time no one wanted to hire me. My friends all abandoned me and my former girlfriend was dating another guy. I was all alone.

That was until one day I was around town applying for jobs and I stumbled upon a gas station where some guys were painting it. I asked them if it would be okay for me to paint with them and they said sure. They offered me a job that gives me 50 hours a week at $10 an hour. I feel like I am living high on the hog now.


Jerry the Cook – How I make good food and good money!

Felon working as a cook at a restaurant

Hi guys,

So in 2004 I committed my crime. I spent around 9 years in prison and was so happy to get out of prison. With all my years of experience cooking in prison I was easily able to land a full time job as a cook. What I did was walk around town all day looking for businesses that I could apply to.

I walked into a few restaurants and talked to the businesses owners and asked if they needed any help. It only took a few tries before one business owner asked me about my experience. I was honest with him and he said that we all make mistakes and let me have the job. I am so excited that I can now help support my family.

Jerry B.

Danny, the Factory Worker – I May Work In A Factory, But Its Great Money!

Hi there,

When I was younger I used to have a company with a friend of mine. Everything started out great until one day I got lazy and just did not want to put in the effort that I used to. I was at a time in my life where things were getting out of control with my wife. She was seeing my best friend behind my back. So my enthusiasm and hard work to support her was diminishing pretty fast.

This is when I started stealing money from my business partner. In the end I stole a total of around three hundred grand from him. I was sued and charges were pressed. I ended up spending a few years in prison. It sucked. When I got out I was broke as a joke.

I applied at a temp agency and with my business experience they hired me directly into a maintenance position. Its pretty good pay and now life is much better because of it.


What Can You Take Away From These Stories?

How felons can find work
While all these success stories are very different, there is some great advice you can take away to help you in your job hunt:

– Find your passion, and turn it into a job

– Ask people if they would hire you everywhere and anywhere you go. You just never know who might want to give you a chance

– Don’t be afraid to learn new skills/trade

– Don’t give up! Even if you feel like you have hit rock bottom, things can turn around at any moment.

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