Coca Cola Jobs For Felons (2024 Guide)

Many felons may stumble upon Coca-Cola while job hunting, adding it to their list of potential workplaces. We’ll examine what types of jobs Coca-Cola offers and whether the company is open to hiring felons.

Additionally, we’ll review average wages and break down the hiring process. Finally, we’ll examine what former and current employees have to say about working at the company.

Founded in 1892, the Coca-Cola Company has remained one of the top beverage corporations in the world. The company currently has approximately 80,000 employees, while its bottling partners provide job opportunities to an additional 700,000 workers.

Possible Jobs For Felons At Coca-Cola

This multinational company offers many career options for felons at its facilities and offices. If you’re thinking about working at Coca-Cola, you should consider the following job groups:

Human Resources

Naturally, corporate jobs at Coca-Cola typically require prior experience and higher qualifications. If the job descriptions line up with your educational background, there’s a good chance you could fill one of the company’s office positions.

In addition to corporate jobs, Coca-Cola has numerous entry-level positions looking to turn their life around. These include:

Delivery merchandiser trainee
Retail sales associate
General laborer
Warehouse Associate
Supply chain planner
Machine Operator
Production maintenance mechanic

The company provides comprehensive training for the above positions. Moreover, potential employees can find both part-time and full-time employment opportunities.

Entry-level and ground-floor positions are also more approachable towards felons since they don’t involve handling user information.

If you’re wondering whether Coca-Cola is a good fit, you’re probably curious about how much you could earn.

Say you land the job of a delivery merchandiser trainee. This position requires no prior experience. You’ll undergo a paid training program and make roughly between $31,500 and $40,500 a year.

Accepted candidates who don’t have a Class A CDL license are required to obtain the appropriate licensing.

Those interested in part-time positions can earn approximately $15 per hour as a retail sales associate. Associates typically work 24 hours per week, sometimes over the weekend or holidays.

Supply chain planners working at Coca-Cola or its subsidiaries earn between $47,500 and $66,500 per year. This entry-level position requires a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Candidates with a degree in Business, Financed, Logistics, Supply Chain, or Communications have a better chance of landing the job.

You can find career openings on the company’s careers page. Use the search filters to find positions in your area. This page also explains the application process and offers advice to job seekers.

When you find a job that matches your credentials, upload your CV or resume online. Although it’s not obligatory, you can sign up for the corporation’s job-listing system.

After registering, you can save previous job searches and store your resume and personal information in the system. You’ll receive notifications about jobs matching your search parameters whenever the company lists new openings.

Did you know? The company’s iconic Coke soft drink was one of the first beverages consumed by astronauts in space. The corporation modified the can to preserve the drink’s texture and taste. The historic flight occurred in 1985 when the cans entered the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Coca-Cola Background Check

The company hasn’t explicitly stated its position on hiring felons. But testimonials from current and past employees indicate Coca-Cola gives people from different walks of life a second chance.

Before hiring an applicant, the corporation conducts extensive background checks to ensure it’s found the best person for the job. The types of checks depend on the nature of the job but usually include:

Character references
A criminal records check
A background check
Educational background check

Like most companies, Coca-Cola performs background checks on potential employees. It reviews records stretching back seven years.

States that don’t consider cases with a “not guilty” verdict include:
New York

In contrast, other states may call for a more thorough inspection. However, entry-level positions usually have less stringent requirements.

Coca-Cola has close ties to many other businesses and offers internship programs geared toward young people. For this reason, felons who have committed sex crimes may have more difficulty finding employment at the company and its bottling partners.

The screening process for eligible candidates usually takes a few days. The company may take longer to compile the necessary data based on the number of applicants. Still, the background check rarely lasts longer than a week or two.

While some felons fear their record renders them unemployable, Coca-Cola will look at the nature of the charges and decide whether to move forward with the selection process.

They’ll also consider the felon’s track record post-release. If they’ve shown a willingness to change and haven’t reoffended, Coca-Cola may view them as promising.

So, what happens after the background check? If the company decides to take a chance on a felon, it might perform a series of tests to test the candidate’s skills and competency. The HR personnel will take note of the felon’s problem-solving skills, mental alertness, and vocabulary to gauge how well they’d fill the role.

What management is looking for in future employees is the ability to adapt and learn. Thus, applicants who exhibit a high level of maturity and emotional and mental balance are more likely to receive a job offer.

The Hiring Process at Coca-Cola

The simplest way to apply for a position at Coca-Cola is through the company’s official website. For some jobs, all you need to do is upload your CV or resume. For others, you may be required to answer various competency questions.

After the hiring team reviews your application, they’ll decide whether you’ll make it to the next round of the hiring process.

The next stage is usually a video or call interview. The phone call covers the basics of the role and verifies the information you put down on your resume.

If the team decides to do a video interview, they’ll send you a link to a page with prerecorded questions. You should have two minutes to prepare your answers and about five minutes to record them using your webcam.

Your responses should highlight your skills and what you can bring to the table as a Coca-Cola employee. Make sure to mention any relevant experience and leadership qualities.

Pro Tip: If asked about your “weaknesses,” talk about professional qualities you want to improve. Mention which steps you’ve taken to work on these gaps to show a proactive attitude.

Then come the assessment tests. These vary based on the position you applied to, but the most commons ones are:

A numerical test
A personality test

Numerical tests present applicants with detailed information you need to use to calculate percentages, currencies, and functions.

On the other hand, personality tests measure a candidate’s suitability for the position.
Before the final interview, there’s one last assessment.

The hiring team invited promising candidates to the company’s assessment center. Here, you may participate in the following:

Written case study
Group discussion

In the written case study exercise, you’ll receive several sets of information and draw up at least two reports. This test doubles as a time management test as you’ll have to understand and organize the data within a set timeframe.

For group discussions, you’ll meet other applicants. You’ll review a case study together, discuss possible problems, and devise optimal solutions.

As the discussion progresses, the hiring team will track your communication and leadership skills and determine whether you’re a team player.

While the company sometimes skips roleplay exercises, it may come up while you’re at the assessment center. The hiring team will present you with a scenario and ask how you’d act as a Coca-Cola representative.

The last phase of the hiring process is the interview. It helps management solidify its opinion about your competency and tests how you’d respond to work-related problems.

If you receive a job offer, you’ll undergo a drug test. This stage may discourage felons who have faced drug-related charges from applying to Coca-Cola.

But applicants who have been clean for at least a year usually don’t have to worry about the company withdrawing its offer.

New employees undergo extensive training to prepare for their role and watch multiple orientation videos about the company’s rules and policies.

The Pros and Cons of Working at Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company strives to create a positive work environment that allows employees to improve both their personal and professional lives. This type of atmosphere may benefit felons and motivate them to stay on the right track.

Another reason many job seekers consider working at Coca-Cola is the company’s extensive benefits packages.

Eligible employees receive health benefits and can save money on medical expenses. These benefits could include prescription coverage, which lowers the cost of medication.

Coca-Cola also provides impressive dental insurance, covering basic, preventative, and advanced procedures.

Depending on your role, you may qualify for a retirement plan with a 401(k).

Additionally, employees have access to training programs that help sharpen their skills. The company has developed the Coca-Cola University, where you can take marketing, safety, professional development, and leadership courses.

Note that employee benefits depend on the job type and location.

Still, working at Coca-Cola isn’t without drawbacks. While employees appreciate the positive work culture, some feel it takes too long to get promoted.

But for felons looking to improve their life, it could be a good reintroduction into the workforce.

Did you know? Asa Griggs Candler, the company’s founder, helped relocate Emory College to Atlanta, where it became known as Emory University.

Students and locals often refer to the institution as “Coca-Cola University.” However, it isn’t connected to the online courses Coca-Cola offers to employees.

Coca-Cola Employee Experience

The Coca-Cola Company has been an industry leader for decades, and the internet is full of reviews from current and former employees.

Before sending in your application, listen to what they have to say. Perhaps their experiences could help you decide whether the company is up your alley.

Let’s see what employees have to say about working at Coca-Cola:

“I loved working for the Coca-Cola Company – (27 years). I learned something new every day – i.e. a new process, – lots of collaboration and teamwork! Management was always willing to share their knowledge – ‘giving back’ – I was expected to do the same as I advanced throughout my career with Coca-Cola.” – Former employee

“I’m here until retirement. Great benefits & constantly developing my skills. My team is like family to me. If you’re looking for a career, Coke is a great place to start.” – Current employee

“Felt appreciated and empowered all the time. My bosses there really knew my goals for a long-term career and supported them all the way. My colleagues are very competitive, and that helps to motivate you.” – Former employee

As you can see, employee reviews of the company are generally favorable. Depending on which team you’re assigned, you may collaborate with supportive coworkers who will keep you accountable and encourage you to improve your performance.

Second Chances With Coca-Cola

Convictions can significantly derail a person’s life, preventing them from finding long-term employment. Fortunately, many companies have started to adopt a more lenient approach.

Instead of automatically turning away felons, they’re open to hiring those who want to contribute to their community and improve themselves.

If you’re looking for entry-level jobs, you can find part-time, full-time, and seasonal work at the Coca-Cola Company.

You may be interested in office work if you have a college degree or other qualifications. You can check the available listings on the company’s web page.

Remember that the company performs background checks on applicants. But felons who haven’t reoffended or have only committed minor, non-violent offenses shouldn’t worry about their record ruining their job prospects.

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