Florida Jobs For Felons (2024 Guide)


In Florida, there are jobs available for felons, and some companies are willing to give second chances.

This guide will explain different job options, companies that hire felons, the hourly rates for these jobs, and whether a background check is needed.

Job Options for Felons In Florida

Construction Worker:

Construction is a common job for felons. It involves building or fixing buildings, roads, and other structures. Skills needed include using tools and working with your hands.

Hourly Rate: $12 to $20 per hour.

Background Check: Usually not required.

Here are more job options that don’t require a background check

Warehouse Worker:

Warehouse jobs involve packing, sorting, and moving products. This job requires physical strength and stamina.

Hourly Rate: $10 to $15 per hour.
Background Check: Sometimes required.

Landscaping and Lawn Care:

Working in landscaping means taking care of gardens, lawns, and outdoor spaces. Tasks include mowing lawns, planting flowers, and trimming bushes.

Hourly Rate: $10 to $18 per hour.

Background Check: Rarely required.

Food Service:

Jobs in food service include working in restaurants, fast food places, and cafeterias. Roles include cooking, cleaning, and serving food.

Hourly Rate: $9 to $14 per hour.
Background Check: Sometimes required.

Cleaning and Janitorial Services:

These jobs involve cleaning buildings, schools, and offices. Tasks include sweeping, mopping, and emptying trash cans.

Hourly Rate: $9 to $13 per hour.
Background Check: Usually not required.


Retail jobs involve working in stores, helping customers, and stocking shelves. Good communication skills are helpful in these jobs.

Hourly Rate: $9 to $15 per hour.
Background Check: Often required.

Customer Service:

Customer service jobs include answering phones, helping customers, and solving problems. These jobs can be done in call centers or online.

Hourly Rate: $10 to $16 per hour.
Background Check: Often required.

Delivery Driver:

Delivery jobs involve transporting goods from one place to another. This can include driving trucks or cars and delivering packages.

Hourly Rate: $12 to $18 per hour.
Background Check: Sometimes required.

Companies that Hire Felons in Florida

Labor Finders:

This company provides temporary jobs in various fields, including construction, warehouse work, and landscaping. They are known for giving felons a chance to work.


Many McDonald’s locations in Florida hire felons for positions like cook and cashier. They provide training and a chance to advance in the company.


UPS hires felons for roles such as package handlers and drivers. These jobs can be physically demanding but offer good pay and benefits.


Goodwill hires felons for various positions, including retail and warehouse jobs. They also offer training programs to help improve skills.


Walmart hires felons for positions such as stocker, cashier, and maintenance. They provide training and opportunities for advancement.


Starbucks hires felons for barista positions. They offer a supportive work environment and opportunities for career growth.

Kelly Services:

This staffing agency helps place felons in temporary and permanent jobs in various industries. They work with many companies that are willing to hire felons.

Here is a list of top temp agencies that work with felons.

Salvation Army:

The Salvation Army hires felons for jobs in their stores and donation centers. They also provide job training and support services.

Hourly Rates for Different Felon Friendly Jobs In Florida

Construction Worker: $12 to $20 per hour
Warehouse Worker: $10 to $15 per hour
Landscaping and Lawn Care: $10 to $18 per hour
Food Service: $9 to $14 per hour
Cleaning and Janitorial Services: $9 to $13 per hour
Retail: $9 to $15 per hour
Customer Service: $10 to $16 per hour
Delivery Driver: $12 to $18 per hour

Background Checks

Whether a background check is needed depends on the job and the company. Here is a summary:

Construction Worker: Background checks are usually not required.
Warehouse Worker: Sometimes required.
Landscaping and Lawn Care: Rarely required.
Food Service: Sometimes required.
Cleaning and Janitorial Services: Usually not required.
Retail: Often required.
Customer Service: Often required.
Delivery Driver: Sometimes required.

Some companies might ask about your criminal record during the interview, while others might perform a formal background check.

It’s important to be honest about your past, as lying can lead to losing the job offer. Some jobs are more lenient about past convictions, especially if the crime was non-violent or a long time ago.

Tips for Felons Looking for Jobs

Jobs For Felons In Florida

Overall, its best to look for a job in large suburban areas in Florida, such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

There are many small and large companies that are willing to give people with felonies a second chance.

Be Honest:

Always tell the truth about your criminal record. Employers appreciate honesty and may be more willing to give you a chance.

Get Training:

Take advantage of training programs to learn new skills. This can make you more attractive to employers.

Use Resources:

Organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army offer job training and placement services. Use these resources to find jobs and improve your skills.


Connect with people who can help you find a job. Join support groups and attend job fairs to meet potential employers.

Stay Positive:

Finding a job can be challenging, but stay positive and keep trying. Every “no” brings you closer to a “yes.”

In conclusion, finding a job as a felon in Florida is possible. There are various job options available, and some companies are willing to hire felons.

While the journey might be tough, with the right approach and resources, you can find a job and start a new chapter in your life.

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