Can You Work For Grubhub With A Felony?


It’s no secret that people with felony-level criminal records have a hard time finding employment.

But although challenging, it’s not impossible. Due to high employee demand, the food delivery industry has lots of potential.

If you’ve considered working for Grubhub, you might wonder if the company is willing to hire felons.

Let’s examine Grubhub’s recruitment process and determine if a felony conviction will stand in your way.

Does Grubhub Hire Ex-Cons?

Since Grubhub drivers deliver takeout orders to customers’ homes, the company is pretty strict about the people it hires. Safe and responsible employees are at the top of Grubhub’s priorities.

As a result, applicants undergo an extensive background check before being hired.

Unfortunately, Grubhub doesn’t disclose the exact criteria they use to dismiss job applications.

However, looking into their hiring practices and applicants’ experiences, they are particularly stringent on criminal history. Generally speaking, Grubhub won’t hire people who have the following on their records:

-Felony charge DUI convictions
-Violent or sexual crimes
-Serious driving offenses

Simply put, Grubhub avoids hiring people they deem potentially dangerous to its customers. Even multiple misdemeanor offenses can be grounds for rejecting your job application.

Furthermore, any restrictions on your license can bar you from being hired by this food delivery giant.

Still, felons have been employed by Grubhub despite their criminal record, especially in areas with a high demand for drivers. Since the company hasn’t released details on its hiring process, it’s challenging to say with certainty who Grubhub will take a chance on.

Based on the experiences of previous employees, some less serious violations on your criminal and driving record shouldn’t mean your application is automatically disqualified.

What Does Grubhub Background Check Look Like?

When applying for a job at Grubhub, you must consent to a background check. This is carried out by a third-party company called Checkr.

Did you know? Checkr works with multiple competing companies in the food delivery area, such as DoorDash and Postmates. If you’ve failed a background check at one of these companies, chances are the results will be the same at Grubhub.

Background checks can typically take up to several weeks. However, Checkr has a quick and effective screening process that can provide results in a few days. Some applicants claim they only waited for two days before receiving an update via email.

You’ll know if your criminal record was at fault for a rejected job application since Grubhub is legally obligated to disclose this information.

Check out other good opportunities in the food delivery business.

What Positions Can A Felon Get At Grubhub?

Although felons looking to earn money quickly usually take driving jobs, Grubhub offers plenty of other job opportunities.

Unfortunately, all of these positions have a similar initial screening process.

Depending on your skillset, you could seek employment in one of the following Grubhub departments:

-Customer care
-Data and software engineering
-Finance and analytics
-Logistics and operation
-Marketing and communications
-Sales and account management
-Product design
-Human resources
-Talent acquisition

You can learn more about each department on Grubhub’s website.

When it comes to drivers, there are a few requirements you must meet besides having a relatively clean criminal record.

You must be at least 19 years old.

You must have a minimum of two years of driving experience.

Other than that, you’ll need the basics:

-A car or a motorcycle
-A valid and current driver’s license
-A valid and current state I.D.
-Valid and current auto insurance
-A smartphone (iOS 10 and higher or Android 4.0 and higher)

Did you know? In certain areas, you can use your bike or scooter for deliveries. These areas are usually larger cities, such as New York or San Francisco.

What Do Employees Say About Grubhub?

There are mixed employee reviews available online for Grubhub.

Independent contractors praise the company for the opportunity to have flexible working hours and a good pay rate.

Salaried employees emphasized the following positive aspects of working at Grubhub:

-An excellent working environment and culture
-Great benefits
-Free food

As for the negative reviews, a consensus is that the working conditions have deteriorated in recent years.

Independent contractors typically complain about the following:

-Lack of customer screening
-Pay cuts
-Poor communication and difficulty reaching anyone at the company
-Employees working for the company directly frequently single out the following disadvantages:
-Lack of training
-Poor middle and upper management

After reviewing the most common complaints, let’s discuss the pros and cons of working for Grubhub in more detail.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Working For Grubhub?

The gig economy is undoubtedly full of opportunities to earn some money on the side. You can even choose to work for a company in this field full-time and basically be your own boss.

This independence is actually one of the most significant advantages of working for Grubhub. As an independent contractor, you can:

-Set your working hours
-Choose when and where to work during the day
-Take breaks as you see fit

Pro Tip: Lunchtime and evening hours offer the best opportunity for a higher income. Night shifts can also be lucrative and have the added bonus of almost empty roads.

If you are interested in a flexible work schedule consider online jobs that are available for felons.

Other pros of working for Grubhub include:

-Keeping 100% of the tips
-Cashing out whenever you choose
-Earning the minimum wage even if you fail to meet the quota
-Having access to onboarding training

On the other hand, consider some not-so-great aspects of working for this company:

-No one on the corporate side advocates for the drivers
-There are poor communication channels between the drivers and the offices
-Drivers have no benefits, such as insurance coverage and medical insurance
-Drivers are penalized for missed and rejected orders

What Is the Average Salary at Grubhub?

On average, Grubhub pays its drivers better than most major food delivery services. Regardless, it’s difficult to estimate an exact salary since your earnings depend on various factors, including your working hours and experience level.

Average annual salaries reported for Grubhub drivers range from $25,000 to $50,000.

Here are some details to help you work out your potential salary at Grubhub:

You’ll receive a flat rate of $3.50-$4 for each delivery you accept

You’ll receive an additional $0.50 per mile from the pickup spot to the delivery location

You’re entitled to 100% of the tips

Make A Grab At N New Beginning

Grubhub can be an excellent chance for a fresh start. All you need is a relatively clean criminal record, a vehicle, a few other basic requirements, and you can start making money on your own terms. If your record shows a more severe crime, try expunging it and reapplying at a later date.

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